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Published Title Author
2011-06-08 Deprecation of net-tools Tom Gundersen
2011-05-11 initscripts update Tom Gundersen
2011-05-02 initscripts update Tom Gundersen
2011-04-30 GNOME3 in [extra] Ionuț Mircea Bîru
2011-04-15 nvidia-173xx and nvidia-96xx removed from [extra] Gaetan Bisson
2011-04-07 GNOME3 in [testing] Ionuț Mircea Bîru
2011-04-01 The Canterbury Project Pierre Schmitz
2011-03-13 syslinux now includes a default configuration file Thomas Bächler
2011-02-27 Contributors Wanted Eric Bélanger
2011-02-14 Bug Day: Saturday, February 19th Allan McRae
2011-02-07 MySQL 5.5 is now in [extra] Ángel Velásquez
2011-01-26 KDE SC 4.6 to [extra] Andrea Scarpino
2010-12-29 Minimum required kernel version increased Allan McRae
2010-10-18 Python is now Python 3 Allan McRae
2010-10-07 Mirror status and custom mirror lists Dan McGee
2010-09-24 pkgstats round two: take your vote and help improving Arch Pierre Schmitz
2010-09-20 The new Arch Linux ezine Daniel Griffiths
2010-08-27 True multilib for Arch Linux x86_64 Thomas Bächler
2010-08-24 KDE SC 4.5.0 moved to [extra] Ronald van Haren
2010-08-02 Perl 5.12.1 moved to Core Kevin Piche
2010-07-29 Forum Update in Progress Allan McRae
2010-06-30 Bug Day: Saturday, July 3 Ionuț Mircea Bîru
2010-06-22 Pacman 3.4.0 released Dan McGee
2010-06-20 Xorg 1.8 moves to extra Andreas Radke
2010-06-15 flashplugin x86_64 package dropped Ionuț Mircea Bîru
2010-05-17 2010.05 snapshots. Less is more. Dieter Plaetinck
2010-04-27 xorg18 repository moves to testing Jan de Groot
2010-04-26 Bug Day: Saturday, May 1 Paul Mattal
2010-04-25 Sad news from Chakra Allan McRae
2010-04-23 Junior Developer Mentor Scheme Allan McRae
2010-04-18 Vim/GVim 7.2.411 Update Daniel Griffiths
2010-04-02 Bug Day: Saturday, April 10 Paul Mattal
2010-04-01 Arch Linux Magazine, April 2010 Daniel Griffiths
2010-04-01 April Fools Challenge Allan McRae
2010-03-25 Cups update requires user interaction Andreas Radke
2010-03-23 Switching to xz compression for new packages Pierre Schmitz
2010-03-04 Arch Linux Magazine, March 2010 Daniel Griffiths
2010-02-27 Bug Day: Saturday, March 6 Paul Mattal
2010-02-18 netcfg v2.5.2 - note: change in auto wireless config James Rayner
2010-02-14 mkinitcpio 0.6 uses busybox instead of klibc Thomas Bächler
2010-02-11 Arch Linux Magazine, February 2010 Daniel Griffiths
2010-02-11 xf86-video-intel only supports KMS now Jan de Groot
2010-02-09 KDE SC 4.4.0 released Pierre Schmitz
2010-01-30 libpng/libjpeg rebuilds move from [testing] Ionuț Mircea Bîru
2010-01-26 ArchCon2010 registration Allan McRae
2010-01-23 Bug Day: Saturday, February 6 Paul Mattal
2010-01-21 Hacklab.CL's Arch Linux Orphan's Day Aaron Griffin
2010-01-13 Arch Linux Magazine, January 2010 Daniel Griffiths
2009-12-29 kernel 2.6.32 series moved to the [core] repository Tobias Powalowski
2009-12-16 filesystem-2009.11-1 and LC_COLLATE Allan McRae