Pacman 3.4.0 released

The latest and greatest version of pacman is now available in [core]. As usual, please report any issues or regressions to the bug tracker after searching to see if your bug already exists. The changes in this release are detailed in the NEWS file.

Notable changes in this release:

  • New "Architecture" option that will restrict pacman to installing only packages from the given architecture
  • Installing package with -U is now smart like -S — dependencies and conflicts are now handled
  • New --print and --print-format options to output in suitable format for wrapper scripts
  • Repository updates are faster as only new entries are extracted
  • makepkg now aborts automatically with any errors during packaging
  • makepkg now allows overrides of pkgver, pkgrel and arch in split packages
  • ...and many more improvements.

Thanks again to all of the developers and contributors that have made this release possible!