netcfg 2.6.6 release

netcfg 2.6.6 has been moved to [core]. It has accumulated quite a lot of features contributed by many people since last year's 2.5.4. Versions 2.6.1 to 2.6.6 were bugfix releases to the initial netcfg 2.6.

  • initial support for IPv6 configuration: IPv6 will be disabled unless you specify IPv6=something in your profile file. See man netcfg-profiles(5) for the available options
  • more detailed wireless options (ad-hoc mode, network by BSSID)
  • more options for bridge connections
  • a ROUTES array to define custom routes in profiles
  • a configuration file /etc/conf.d/netcfg which is currently only used by net-auto-wireless
  • new connection types: openvpn, vlan, tuntap
  • a manpage netcfg-profiles(5) detailing available options

More details about the changes and links to the bug tracker entries can be found in the NEWS file. Old profiles are expected to remain compatible.

Please read optional dependency list to know what to install for your particular configuration.

More features, mostly requested and contributed on the bug tracker will be added for release 2.7. Discussion about netcfg development and features now happens on arch-projects mailing-list. Don't hesitate to drop a mail there if you want to participate or contribute patches.