KDE SC 4.6 to [extra]

KDE announced the availability of its Software Compilation 4.6. You will find all upstream changes and new features on their website: http://kde.org/announcements/4.6/. As usual we provide the latest packages for Arch.

This release offers UPower, UDev and UDisks support that can be used instead of the deprecated HAL. For that, the hal package is no more a requirement of kdebase-workspace and can be removed from your system.

KDE PIM 4.6 is not yet available (will be released with the next minor release), so we will continue with the 4.4 series.

Also, with the last Phonon update, the DEVs declared the Xine backend no longer maintained and it needs PulseAudio to work; you really should think to switch to the GStreamer or the VLC backend.

In case of any error, try using a new user account or (re)moving KDE's configuration which can be found at ~/.kde4 /tmp/kde- /var/tmp/kdecache-. Akonadi saves its data at ~/.config/akonadi and ~/.local/share/akonadi.

The removed packages are: kdegames-ksame, kdesdk-kbugbuster, kdeutils-okteta

The new packages are: kdeaccessibility-kaccessible, kdegames-klickety, kdesdk-okteta, kdeutils-filelight, kdeplasma-addons-concontainments, kdeplasma-addons-runners-events