2010.05 snapshots. Less is more.

Hi, New installation media are available. There are fewer of them, and they are smaller. But they can do more...

Notable changes:

Archiso (image builds):

  • all iso files can now be burned onto CD's as well as written to media like usb sticks (isohybrid)
  • more than half of the packages in core are now xz compressed
  • next to the single architecture images we provide dual images which can be used as 32bit or 64bit medium
  • use isolinux bootloader exclusively for booting the live media
  • snapshot of current core, including kernel, pacman-3.3.3-5 and glibc-2.11.1-3
  • updated memtest
  • support for PXE booting
  • provide wpa_supplicant
  • support virtio

AIF (installation tool): * ability to choose uuid/label/devicefile blockdevice representation; automatically applied in menu.lst, fstab, etc * split off UI library into separate libui-sh project * support virtio blockdevices * allow user to specify additional custom arguments for mkfs and the like

Additionally, quite some bugs have been fixed, mostly in AIF. And of course, the Official installation guide has been updated to reflect these changes.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, this release took a long time but I think it's worth it.