initscripts update

New Features:

  • A new script, /sbin/rc, that allows to start/stop and list daemons.
  • Support FakeRAID (dmraid).
  • Support btrfs.

Functional change:

  • The adjustment of the hwclock for drift is moved into a daemon that should not be used in most scenarios as it can lead to subtle bugs (especially if using dual-boot or ntp). If you know what you are doing and want to adjust the hardware clock for drift, add "hwclock" to your DAEMONS array.
  • We now let udev deal with mdadm, and no longer call mdadm explicitly. This should make things more robust without losing any functionality.


  • We would like to remind everyone that initscripts expect all other packages (except for the kernel) to be up-to-date. This in particular includes udev, mdadm, dmraid and lvm.
  • We now strongly discourage the use of HARDWARECLOCK="localtime", as this may lead to several known and unfixable bugs. However, there are no plans to drop support for "localtime".