KDE SC 4.5.0 moved to [extra]

KDE SC 4.5.0 has moved into the [extra] repository. Notable changes with respect to previous releases are:

  • kdepim has seen no new release, please continue to use version 4.4.5
  • due to incompatibility with ruby 1.9, ruby kdebindings are not provided
  • webkit support in konqueror is provided by kwebkitpart
  • KDM is now started as the kdm user
  • upstream removed five translations: csb, mai, mk, si and tg

The full upstream changelog is available here.

Several users reported issues with kwin hanging when changing settings in the kdesettings dialog. So far this is only known to happen on some Intel and ATI cards with opengl compositing enabled. Possible workarounds include:

  • use xrender instead of opengl compositing
  • disable compositing
  • disable direct rendering under opengl options in the kdesettings menu
  • export "LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1" before starting KDE