GNOME3 in [testing]

GNOME 3.0.0 packages are now available in the [testing] repository. These bring with it an update to gtk2, as well as the new gtk3.

This is a major update and you should take note of a couple of things:

  • GNOME3 will replace GNOME2 once it gets moved to [extra].
  • GNOME3 has two modes, "standard" mode (gnome-shell) and "fallback" mode (gnome-panel + metacity).
  • Panel applets using Bonobo aren't supported anymore and packages depending on it will be dropped.
  • pulseaudio is now required to run the GNOME desktop.
  • Some packages exist in separate versions for gtk2 and gtk3. These typically have a name like "packagename3". Examples are vte3, libwebkit3, gtkhtml4.
  • pygobject is now available for Python 3 in the package "py3gobject".

Have fun testing these packages!

Update and installation instructions are available at

Bugs related to packaging should be reported to .

Crashes and feature requests should be reported to .