Arch Linux News Archives

Published Title Author
2020-01-15 rsync compatibility Christian Hesse
2020-01-04 Now using Zstandard instead of xz for package compression Mara Robin Broda
2019-12-20 Xorg cleanup requires manual intervention Andreas Radke
2019-11-25 primus_vk>=1.3-1 update requires manual intervention Giancarlo Razzolini
2019-11-10 New kernel packages and mkinitcpio hooks Giancarlo Razzolini
2019-10-25 Clarification regarding recent email activity on the arch-announce list Giancarlo Razzolini
2019-10-16 Required update to recent libarchive Christian Hesse
2019-10-06 `base` group replaced by mandatory `base` package - manual intervention required Mara Robin Broda
2019-08-26 astyle>=3.1-2 update requires manual intervention Antonio Rojas
2019-08-20 tensorflow>=1.14.0-5 update requires manual intervention Konstantin Gizdov
2019-07-11 libbloom>=1.6-2 update requires manual intervention Felix Yan
2019-06-27 mariadb 10.4.x update requires manual intervention Christian Hesse
2018-07-14 libutf8proc>=2.1.1-3 update requires manual intervention Antonio Rojas
2018-05-04 js52 52.7.3-2 upgrade requires intervention Jan Alexander Steffens
2018-04-20 glibc 2.27-2 and pam 1.3.0-2 may require manual intervention Bartłomiej Piotrowski
2018-02-22 zita-resampler 1.6.0-1 -> 2 update requires manual intervention Antonio Rojas
2017-11-08 The end of i686 support Bartłomiej Piotrowski
2017-09-02 Perl library path change Florian Pritz
2017-05-15 Deprecation of ABS tool and rsync endpoint Bartłomiej Piotrowski
2017-03-15 ca-certificates-utils 20170307-1 upgrade requires manual intervention Jan Alexander Steffens
2017-02-27 mesa with libglvnd support is now in testing Laurent Carlier
2017-01-25 Phasing out i686 support Bartłomiej Piotrowski
2017-01-14 xorg-server 1.19.1 is now in extra Laurent Carlier
2016-12-30 OpenVPN 2.4.0 update requires administrative interaction Christian Hesse
2016-10-31 ttf-dejavu 2.37 will require forced upgrade Jan de Groot
2016-08-06 TeXLive 2016 packages are now available Rémy Oudompheng
2016-07-18 test-sec-flags: Call for Assistance Allan McRae
2016-06-26 screen-4.4.0-1 unable to attach old sessions Gaetan Bisson
2016-03-24 Required update to pacman-5.0.1 before 2016-04-23 Allan McRae
2016-01-02 PHP 7.0 packages released Pierre Schmitz
2015-12-12 Dropping Plasma 4 Antonio Rojas
2015-12-10 C++ ABI change Evangelos Foutras
2015-11-13 Xorg 1.18.0 enters [testing] Laurent Carlier
2015-10-08 Downtime (rsync, mail) Florian Pritz
2015-09-20 D-Bus now launches user buses Jan Alexander Steffens
2015-08-14 openssh-7.0p1 deprecates ssh-dss keys Gaetan Bisson
2015-05-22 Data corruption on software RAID 0 when discard is used Evangelos Foutras
2015-05-17 Puppet 4.0 enters [community] Lukas Fleischer
2015-05-16 PulseAudio split Jan Alexander Steffens
2015-02-15 xorg-server 1.17.1 is now available Laurent Carlier
2015-01-26 Transition of KDE software to the KDE Framework and Qt 5 Andrea Scarpino
2015-01-20 Packaging changes in lirc 0.9.2 Lukas Fleischer
2014-12-11 ca-certificates update Jan Alexander Steffens
2014-12-08 GnuPG-2.1 and the pacman keyring Gaetan Bisson
2014-10-22 Changes to Intel microcode updates Thomas Bächler
2014-10-12 Java users: manual intervention required before upgrade Guillaume Alaux
2014-10-05 nvidia-340xx and nvidia Sven-Hendrik Haase
2014-10-02 mesa updated to 10.3.0 Laurent Carlier
2014-09-26 Mailinglists maintenance Florian Pritz
2014-08-21 Reorganization of Vim packages Thomas Dziedzic