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Published Title Author
2014-07-28 xorg-server 1.16 is now available Laurent Carlier
2014-07-12 MariaDB 10.0 enters [extra] Bartłomiej Piotrowski
2014-07-10 BBS, Wiki, and AUR maintenance Florian Pritz
2014-06-04 Perl updated to 5.20 Florian Pritz
2014-05-04 Managing Haskell packages with GHC 7.8.2 Thomas Dziedzic
2014-04-29 screen-4.2.1 cannot reattach older instances either Gaetan Bisson
2014-04-20 screen-4.2.0 cannot reattach older instances Gaetan Bisson
2014-02-21 Linux 3.13 WARNING: PS/2 keyboard support is now modular Thomas Bächler
2014-02-17 BBS, Wiki, and AUR maintenance Dan McGee
2013-09-17 Deprecation of /etc/sysctl.conf Gaetan Bisson
2013-08-17 PHP 5.5 available in the [extra] repository Pierre Schmitz
2013-07-15 TeXLive 2013 update may require user intervention Rémy Oudompheng
2013-06-03 Binaries move to /usr/bin requiring update intervention Allan McRae
2013-04-10 netctl is now in [core] Florian Pritz
2013-03-25 MariaDB replaces MySQL in repositories Bartłomiej Piotrowski
2013-03-01 qt4 replaces qt Andrea Scarpino
2013-02-12 Changes to LVM Thomas Bächler
2013-02-04 Final sysvinit deprecation warning Tom Gundersen
2013-01-26 Update filesystem-2013.01-1 and glibc-2.17-2 together Allan McRae
2012-12-01 December: time for a new install medium Pierre Schmitz
2012-11-04 End of initscripts support Tom Gundersen
2012-11-02 November release of install media available Pierre Schmitz
2012-11-01 Bug Squashing Day: Saturday 17th November Allan McRae
2012-10-30 ConsoleKit replaced by logind Allan McRae
2012-10-13 systemd is now the default on new installations Thomas Bächler
2012-10-07 Install medium 2012.10.06 introduces systemd Pierre Schmitz
2012-09-08 New install medium 2012.09.07 Pierre Schmitz
2012-09-06 Fontconfig 2.10.1 update - manual intervention required Andreas Radke
2012-08-11 netcfg-2.8.9 drops deprecated rc.conf compatibility Florian Pritz
2012-08-04 Install media 2012.08.04 available Pierre Schmitz
2012-07-30 pkgstats now collects modules usage Tom Gundersen
2012-07-30 Changes to rc.conf and crypttab Tom Gundersen
2012-07-22 Install media 2012.07.15 released Pierre Schmitz
2012-07-20 GRUB legacy no longer supported Ronald van Haren
2012-07-14 The /lib directory becomes a symlink Allan McRae
2012-06-07 filesystem upgrade - manual intervention required Tom Gundersen
2012-06-04 Having pacman verify packages Gaetan Bisson
2012-06-01 systemd-tools replaces udev Dave Reisner
2012-05-13 netcfg 2.8.2 release Thomas Bächler
2012-05-09 PHP updated to version 5.4 Pierre Schmitz
2012-03-12 Arch Linux turns 10 Dan McGee
2012-02-07 Minimum kernel requirement 2.6.32 Allan McRae
2012-02-05 libpng/libtiff rebuilds move from [testing] Ionuț Mircea Bîru
2012-01-23 Arch Linux @ FOSDEM 2012 Dieter Plaetinck
2012-01-21 kmod replaces module-init-tools Dave Reisner
2012-01-16 pacman 4 moves to [core] Dave Reisner
2012-01-02 Users of unofficial kernels must enable devtmpfs support Tom Gundersen
2011-12-20 filesystem upgrade - manual intervention required Tom Gundersen
2011-10-24 wiki and bbs downtime Ionuț Mircea Bîru
2011-10-22 initscripts update - manual intervention required Tom Gundersen