Task Todo List Stop using python setup.py test

2022-11-14 - Jelle van der Waa

Calling python setup.py test has been deprecated for a while and will be removed in the future. Please replace this either calling:

`python -m unittest discover -vs $testloc`

Or pytest/nose as our packaging guidelines describe https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Python_package_guidelines

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Extra alot 0.10-6 lfleischer, artafinde Complete artafinde
any Extra autopep8 1:2.0.4-1 grawlinson Complete grawlinson
x86_64 Core brotli 1.1.0-1 felixonmars, anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Extra calibre 6.27.0-1 alerque Complete alerque
any Extra codespell 2.2.6-1 anatolik, Antiz Complete Antiz
any Extra git-revise 0.7.0-3 alerque Complete alerque
any Extra magic-wormhole 0.13.0-1 alex19EP, alerque Complete alerque
any Extra mopidy 3.4.1-3 Foxboron Complete tpkessler
any Extra pifpaf 3.1.5-6 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra powerline 2.8.3-2 farseerfc, Antiz Incomplete
x86_64 Extra protobuf 24.3-1 lfleischer Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-aiosignal 1.3.1-4 anthraxx Complete artafinde
any Extra python-appdirs 1.4.4-9 felixonmars Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Extra python-apsw jelle Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-argon2-cffi-bindings 21.2.0-4 arojas Complete arojas
any Extra python-argparse sangy, Foxboron Complete jelle
any Extra python-argparse-manpage 4.1-3 svenstaro Complete svenstaro
any Extra python-binaryornot 0.4.4-9 dvzrv Incomplete
any Extra python-browserid 0.14.0-13 bgyorgy Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-cairo 1.24.0-1 alerque Complete jelle
any Extra python-characteristic felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-charset-normalizer 3.2.0-1 alucryd Complete alucryd
any Extra python-commentjson 0.9.0-6 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-commonmark 0.9.1-9 anthraxx, alerque Complete alerque
any Extra python-curio 1.6-3 alucryd Complete alucryd
any Extra python-daemon 3.0.1-1 Incomplete
any Extra python-dbapi-compliance 1.15.0-3 Incomplete
any Extra python-dbfread 2.0.7-5 alerque Complete alerque
any Extra python-dbus-deviation 0.6.1-6 Incomplete
any Extra python-decorator 5.1.1-3 jelle Incomplete
any Extra python-django-classy-tags 4.1.0-1 dvzrv Incomplete
any Extra python-engineio 4.4.1-2 anthraxx Complete artafinde
x86_64 Extra python-fastbencode 0.2-2 Complete jelle
any Extra python-feedgen 0.9.0-4 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-fido2 1.1.2-1 eworm, Foxboron Complete eworm
any Extra python-flask-cors 4.0.0-1 demize, yan12125 Complete yan12125
any Extra python-flask-htmlmin 2.2.1-3 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-flask-migrate 4.0.5-1 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-flask-paranoid 0.3.0-3 anthraxx Complete artafinde
any Extra python-future 0.18.3-2 felixonmars, FFY00 Complete artafinde
x86_64 Extra python-gammu 3.2.4-2 jlichtblau Incomplete
any Extra python-genty 1.3.2-12 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-geoip2 4.7.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-geojson 3.0.1-2 alerque Complete alerque
x86_64 Extra python-gssapi 1.8.2-2 anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-html5-parser 0.4.11-1 jelle Incomplete
any Extra python-htmlmin 0.1.12-9 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-husl 4.0.3-11 dvzrv Incomplete
any Extra python-intelhex 2.3.0-5 FFY00 Incomplete
any Extra python-ipdb 0.13.13-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-j2cli 0.3.12b-8 kgizdov, alex19EP Incomplete
any Extra python-jinja-time 0.2.0-9 dvzrv Incomplete
any Extra python-json-logger 2.0.7-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-jsonmerge 1.9.0-2 FFY00 Incomplete
any Extra python-keycloak 3.3.0-1 jelle Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-ldap 3.4.3-3 Foxboron Incomplete
any Extra python-leather 0.3.4-3 alerque Complete alerque
x86_64 Extra python-librabbitmq 2.0.0-9 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-logutils 0.3.5-12 foxxx0 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-lupa 2.0-2 alerque Complete alerque
any Extra python-magic-wormhole-mailbox-server 0.4.1-7 alex19EP Incomplete
any Extra python-magic-wormhole-transit-relay 0.2.1-6 alex19EP Incomplete
any Extra python-manuel 1.12.4-4 Incomplete
any Extra python-markdown-math 0.8-6 farseerfc Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-mpi4py 3.1.4-3 Archange Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-multidict 6.0.4-2 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-nine 1.1.0-7 foxxx0 Incomplete
any Extra python-nose-exclude 0.5.0-9 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-objgraph 3.6.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-orderedmultidict 1.0.1-10 dvzrv Incomplete
any Extra python-outcome 1.2.0-4 alucryd Complete alucryd
any Extra python-pecan 1.4.2-3 foxxx0 Incomplete
any Extra python-phonenumbers 8.13.20-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-phpserialize 1.3-11 dvzrv Incomplete
any Extra python-pipreqs 0.4.13-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-pony 0.7.16-3 Incomplete
any Extra python-prawcore 2.3.0-4 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-precis_i18n 1.0.5-1 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-prometheus_client 0.17.1-1 jelle, demize Complete jelle
any Extra python-pyaml 23.5.9-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-pyasn1 0.4.8-8 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-pybox2d 1:2.3.10-2 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-pycryptodome 3.19.0-1 felixonmars, alerque Complete alerque
any Extra python-pydbus 0.6.0-10 Foxboron Incomplete
any Extra python-pyflakes 3.1.0-1 Foxboron Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-pyicu 2.11-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-pyotp 2.6.0-5 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-pyrfc3339 1.1-10 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-pysaml2 7.1.0-2 demize Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-python-pkcs11 0.7.0-6 diabonas Incomplete
any Extra python-pywal 3.3.0-8 Foxboron Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-pyxattr 0.8.1-1 lfleischer Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-pyzmq 25.1.1-1 Archange, grawlinson Complete grawlinson
x86_64 Extra python-pyzstd 0.15.7-2 alerque Complete alerque
x86_64 Extra python-reportlab 3.6.12-3 Foxboron Incomplete
any Extra python-repoze.lru 0.7-9 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-requests-hawk 1.2.1-1 bgyorgy Incomplete
any Extra python-requests-mock 1.11.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-retrying 1.3.3-16 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-schema 0.7.5-3 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-scrypt 0.8.20-4 jelle, anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-serpent 1.41-3 arodseth Complete arodseth
any Extra python-setuptools-git 1.2-9 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-sniffio 1.3.0-3 alucryd Complete alucryd
any Extra python-socketio 5.8.0-2 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-sphinxcontrib-autoprogram 0.1.8-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-srcinfo 0.1.1-2 demize Incomplete
any Extra python-stopit 1.1.2-6 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-sure 2.0.1-3 felixonmars, yan12125 Complete yan12125
any Extra python-svgwrite 1.4.3-2 FFY00 Incomplete
any Extra python-tappy 3.1-3 lfleischer Incomplete
any Extra python-tblib 1.7.0-6 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-teamcity-messages 1.32-2 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-thrift 0.19.0-1 anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-unicodedata2 15.1.0-1 alerque Complete alerque
x86_64 Extra python-unrardll 0.1.7-1 jelle Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-urwid 2.1.2.r63.g3c21a42-1 anthraxx Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-vagrant 1.0.0-3 Incomplete
any Extra python-vine 5.0.0-7 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-voluptuous-serialize 2.6.0-2 alucryd Complete alucryd
x86_64 Extra python-websockets 10.4-3 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra python-wstools 0.4.10-6 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-xattr 0.10.1-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-xmljson 0.2.1-4 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-xtarfile 0.1.0-5 jelle Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-xxhash 3.2.0-2 kgizdov Incomplete
any Extra python-zc.lockfile 3.0.post1-2 FFY00 Incomplete
any Extra python-zope-event 5.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-zope-interface 6.0-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-zope-testing 5.0.1-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra python-zope-testrunner 6.0-3 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-zstandard 0.21.0-2 svenstaro Complete svenstaro
any Extra retext 8.0.0-2 farseerfc Incomplete
any Extra xdot 1.2-3 anthraxx Incomplete
any Extra you-get 0.4.1650-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra yubikey-manager 1:5.1.1-1 eworm, Foxboron Complete eworm