Package Todo Lists

Todo lists are used by the developers when a rebuild of a set of packages is needed. This is common when a library has a version bump, during a toolchain rebuild, or a general cleanup of packages in the repositories. The progress can be tracked here, and completed todo lists can be browsed as well.

Name Creation Date Creator Description Package Count Incomplete Count Kind Status
fluidsynth 2.0.0 (withdrawn -> most projects are not compatible yet) 2018-09-30 David Runge The fluidsynth 2.0.0 API change might change behavior for applications using it (but allegedly won't break builds): Rebuild, test and move to staging. 10 0 Rebuild Complete
Imagemagick's convert not reproducible in PKGBUILDs 2018-09-26 Jelle van der Waa This TODO list if for package which use convert to scale/resize or simply convert an image format. These packages become non reproducible due to the date:create/date:modify will be embedded in the new image and imagemagick does not support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. The solution is to use +set date:create +set date:modify as extra arguments for convert. For example yubikey-personalization-gui has become reproducible after this change. [1] [2] An example of a broken package can be spotted here. Fixes can be committed in trunk, the reproducible jenkins builder will be rescheduled at a later time. [2] [1] [2] [3] 21 0 Rebuild Complete
LLVM 7 2018-09-20 Evangelos Foutras -> libclang*.so.6 -> libclang*.so.7 Some breakage is expected; hopefully nothing a patch or two can't fix. 33 0 Rebuild Complete
Packages with missing libidn dependency 2018-09-19 Antonio Rojas Since systemd no longer pulls libidn, some packages that depend on it no longer have it in their dependency tree and need to be fixed 7 0 Rebuild Complete
gpsd 3.17 2018-09-12 Antonio Rojas Packages go to [staging] 7 0 Rebuild Complete
Podofo rebuild 2018-09-07 Jelle van der Waa The PodoFo rebuild 3 0 Rebuild Complete
protobuf 3.6.1 rebuild 2018-09-01 Lukas Fleischer Please rebuild affected packages and move them to [staging]/[community-staging]. 26 0 Rebuild Complete
libavresample drop 2018-08-27 Maxime Gauduin libavresample was initially merged into ffmpeg to be a drop-in replacement for libav, but was never maintained by ffmpeg itself in favor of their own libswresample. According to upstream, libswresample can do everything libavresample can do and more [1], plus libavresample has been entirely deprecated at the end of last year [2]. [1] [2] Packages go to [staging] and cie. 8 0 Rebuild Complete
hdf5 1.10.3 rebuild 2018-08-23 Bruno Pagani Packages go to [staging] 24 0 Rebuild Complete
ilmbase/openexr 2.3 rebuild 2018-08-19 Antonio Rojas Packages go to [staging] 28 0 Rebuild Complete
libssh 0.8.1 2018-08-17 Antonio Rojas libssh 0.8 supports threading, and the specific library has been dropped. Packages go to staging 2 0 Rebuild Complete
x264 155 rebuild 2018-08-07 Maxime Gauduin There's a new x264 in town. This release merges both bit depths into a single binary and a single library, we can finally have a single x264 package like we do x265. Please rebuild and change any dependency on libx264 to just x264, or stick with the sodep. 16 0 Rebuild Complete
protobuf 3.6.0 rebuild 2018-07-22 Lukas Fleischer Please rebuild affected packages and move them to [staging]/[community-staging]. 26 0 Rebuild Complete
pari-2.11.0 2018-07-19 Gaetan Bisson This upstream release increments the soname of to 6. Please rebuild and push to [community-staging]. 9 0 Rebuild Complete
libnfs rebuilds 2018-07-03 Ike Devolder libnfs 3.0.0, major update with soname bump 5 0 Rebuild Complete
Python 3.7 rebuild failures 2018-06-30 Evangelos Foutras The packages in this list failed the automated rebuild and thus need to be rebuilt manually. You can view the build logs by clicking on the red tasks at Please have a look and push fixed/rebuilt packages to staging. 130 0 Rebuild Complete
libraw 0.19 2018-06-29 Antonio Rojas libraw{,_r}.so.16 -> 19 Packages go to [staging] 14 0 Rebuild Complete
granite 5.0 2018-06-20 Maxime Gauduin Upstream tagged 5.0 with a soname bump. Packages go to [community-staging], I may have time to do them all. 10 0 Rebuild Complete
gdbm 1.15 2018-06-20 Bartłomiej Piotrowski Soname version changed in new release. Packages go to [staging]. 31 0 Rebuild Complete
Alioth retirement 2018-06-05 Baptiste Jonglez Debian has retired its Alioth service, which includes, all * websites, and public git repositories at All affected packages need to find a new upstream source. Options for migration include: - use the release archive at - some projects using git have been imported in gitlab at - there is an archive with old git repositories: but these are simply tarballs of the git repo - some projects may have chosen to migrate somewhere else, for instance on github 12 0 Rebuild Complete
json-c rebuild 2018-06-03 Jelle van der Waa The 0.13.1 release, bumped it's soname so a rebuild is required. 24 0 Rebuild Complete
Pierre Neidhardt packages rebuild 2018-05-31 Jelle van der Waa Pierre Neidhardt resigned as Trusted User, his packages should be rebuild and resigned. Packages go into the stable repositories. 15 0 Rebuild Complete
BUILDINFO Rebuild 2018-05-30 Jelle van der Waa This rebuild is for adding BUILDINFO files to packages which lack these files. All packages should contain a BUILDINFO to make reproducible builds possible. Rebuilds go into [extra]/[community] 817 0 Rebuild Complete
pacman 5.1.0 rebuild 2018-05-28 Christian Hesse Our shiny new package manager pacman 5.1.0 comes with a soname bump for libalpm: /usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/ Packages go to [staging]. 8 0 Rebuild Complete
x265 2.8 2018-05-25 Maxime Gauduin The usual, I'll handle the rebuild. 6 0 Rebuild Complete
proj 5.0.1 rebuild 2018-05-16 Jaroslav Lichtblau => packages go to [staging] 11 0 Rebuild Complete
cfitsio 3.450 2018-05-10 Antonio Rojas -> 7 packages go to [staging] 9 0 Rebuild Complete
libmagick/libmagick6 rebuilds 2018-05-09 Antonio Rojas libMagick{Core,Wand}-{6,7} -> 6 Packages go to [staging] 12 0 Rebuild Complete
Tornado 5.0 rebuild 2018-05-07 Felix Yan Major version bump, breakages are expected. The list may be incomplete at the moment. 3 0 Rebuild Complete
GCC 8.1.0 2018-05-02 Bartłomiej Piotrowski New GCC release changed sonames of libgfortran and libgo. Please push rebuilt packages to [staging]. 18 0 Rebuild Complete
FFmpeg 4.0 2018-04-23 Maxime Gauduin | | | | | | | | | The usual stuff, please push to staging & cie :) 81 0 Rebuild Complete
Poppler 0.64.0 update 2018-04-21 Evangelos Foutras -> Please note that most packages will require patching because poppler 0.64.0 declares string types as const in many places. [1] [1] 13 0 Rebuild Complete
nginx 1.14.0 2018-04-20 Bartłomiej Piotrowski New major release is out, requiring external modules to be rebuild. Remember to update nginx version in depends array. 14 0 Rebuild Complete
botan 2.6.0 2018-04-12 Alexander Rødseth Botan 2.6.0 was just released, with several fixes, one is a security fix: FS#58198 Please test that the packages that depends on botan still works. Updated packages goes to [community-staging]. 3 0 Rebuild Complete
cfitsio 3.440 rebuild 2018-04-12 Antonio Rojas -> 6 Packages go to [staging] 9 0 Rebuild Complete
libnsl rebuild 2018-04-11 Bartłomiej Piotrowski glibc 2.27-2 removes libnsl support, keeping for backwards compatibility only. Packages should use standalone libnsl package instead. Please push your rebuilt packages to [staging]. 40 0 Rebuild Complete
miniupnpc soname bump 2018-04-07 Levente Polyak usr/lib/ -> usr/lib/ Gonna rebuild the packages myself and use soname depends. Packages go to [satging] 8 0 Rebuild Complete
libgit 0.27.0 2018-04-04 Lukas Fleischer Please rebuild affected packages and move them to [staging]/[community-staging]. 11 0 Rebuild Complete
botan 2.5.0 2018-04-04 Alexander Rødseth The latest release of Botan, version 2.5.0 (+ fix for an issue with bigint), is now in [community-staging]. Please test that the packages that depends on botan still works. Updated packages goes to [community-staging]. 5 0 Rebuild Complete
Poppler 0.63.0 update 2018-03-20 Andreas Radke .so bump also drops poppler-qt4 13 0 Rebuild Complete
LLVM 6.0 2018-03-16 Evangelos Foutras -> -> In addition to the above soname changes, our clang package no longer ships static libraries. Instead, those are built as individual shared libraries (using CMake's BUILD_SHARED_LIBS flag). ** I'll add LLVM 5 packages once it's clear they are needed for software that hasn't been ported to LLVM 6 yet. Feel free to ping me on IRC for this. ** EDIT: It looks like all packages build after fixing 1-2 renamed symbols, so it won't be needed to add LLVM 5 packages. 30 0 Rebuild Complete
libpsl soname bump 2018-03-09 Levente Polyak Upstream failed with last release, therefor another soname change Rebuild packages go to staging I will rebuild required packages myself, no action required. 12 0 Rebuild Complete
ilmbase/openexr 2.2.1 rebuild 2018-02-26 Antonio Rojas -> 23 -> 23 -> 23 -> 23 -> 23 -> 23 -> 23 28 0 Rebuild Complete
libpsl soname bump 2018-02-26 Levente Polyak -> Rebuild packages go to staging Please check status before building, gonna rebuild _some_ of them myself 12 0 Rebuild Complete
Electron 1.8 2018-02-22 Nicola Squartini Packages containing binary node modules need to be rebuilt and tested. All other packages just need a test run. 6 0 Rebuild Complete
x265 2.7 2018-02-21 Maxime Gauduin usr/lib/ => usr/lib/ I should be able to take care of it myself, but if you're faster, packages go to staging as usual. 9 0 Rebuild Complete
Poppler 0.62.0 update 2018-02-14 Jan de Groot Pulled from staging for now, wait for 0.63.0 instead. 0 0 Rebuild Complete
Qt 5.10.1 2018-02-13 Antonio Rojas The usual rebuilds, packages go to staging 13 0 Rebuild Complete
http-parser 2.8.0 rebuild 2018-02-10 Felix Yan -> Packages go to staging. 7 0 Rebuild Complete
mbedtls 2.7.0 2018-02-07 Kyle Keen Mbed TLS 2.7.0 maintains source code compatibility with previous versions of Mbed TLS but there are some changes which make the ABI incompatible with the previous version, Mbed TLS 2.6.0. Packages should go to [community-staging] 8 0 Rebuild Complete