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2024-02-06 - Jelle van der Waa

These packages refer to bugs.archlinux.org in some sort of way either throught --with-bugurl or through some other way. In either case the url should be updated to a Gitlab package link like in the example below:

[1] https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/packaging/packages/glibc/-/commit/8b1b69f8277555257a0ec9681b90dcd9bd6faabd#9b9baac1eb9b72790eef5540a1685306fc43fd6c_47_46

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Extra aarch64-linux-gnu-glibc 2.38-1 anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Extra arm-none-eabi-gcc 13.2.0-2 anatolik, FFY00 Incomplete
x86_64 Core binutils 2.42-2 grazzolini, freswa Complete freswa
x86_64 Extra dpkg 1.22.0-1 anatolik Complete blakkheim
x86_64 Core gcc 13.2.1-5 grazzolini, freswa Complete freswa
x86_64 Extra gcc12 12.3.0-3 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libtasn1 4.19.0-1 lcarlier Incomplete
x86_64 Extra lm32-elf-gcc 12.2.0-1 FFY00 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra nds32le-elf-gcc 12.2.0-1 FFY00 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra or1k-elf-gcc 12.2.0-1 FFY00 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra riscv64-elf-gcc 12.2.0-1 FFY00 Incomplete
any Extra riscv64-linux-gnu-glibc 2.36-1 felixonmars, FFY00, kpcyrd Incomplete
x86_64 Extra xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin 0.5.2-2 foutrelis Complete foutrelis