Package Todo Lists

Todo lists are used by the developers when a rebuild of a set of packages is needed. This is common when a library has a version bump, during a toolchain rebuild, or a general cleanup of packages in the repositories. The progress can be tracked here, and completed todo lists can be browsed as well.

Name Creation Date Creator Description Package Count Incomplete Count Kind Status
Electron 12 2021-03-05 Nicola Squartini If rebuild against the new Electron 12 doesn't work, an electron11 package is available in [community-staging] to depend on. Push to [community-staging]. 7 0 Rebuild Complete
glslang 11.2 rebuild 2021-02-24 Sven-Hendrik Haase Technically not required but we've observed ABI breakages in the past even with minor glslang releases so better safe than sorry. Rebuilds go to [staging]. 4 0 Rebuild Complete
Removal of dep 2021-02-22 Morten Linderud dep has been deprecated and repository archived. Please help upstreams move to go modules and/or add go.sum and go.mod files to the projects. 4 0 Task Complete
Go 1.16 rebuild 2021-02-21 Morten Linderud Go 1.16 has been released so we will do a complete rebuild for library changes, compiler and runtime improvements. New this round has been that Go modules is now on by default. This means that any packages still not utilizing go modules needs to disable the feature during build. This can be done with the env variable GO111MODULE. export GO111MODULE=off I have not seen any other significant changes and smoke testing with the container runtimes didn't show anything wrong. All packages goes to the stable repos directly. Email me or bug me on IRC if there are questions or issues that needs to be fixed! 176 0 Rebuild Complete
imagemagick rebuild 2021-02-08 Antonio Rojas packages go to [staging] 8 0 Rebuild Complete
lvm2 2.03.x 2021-02-02 Christian Hesse The new lvm2 (and split device-mapper) package brings a number of changes for shared libraries. Packages go to (community-)staging. 19 0 Rebuild Complete
Remove svn propset 2021-01-31 Morten Linderud It was decided in 2018 to remove all svn propsets from package files in the repository to ensure reproducible packages. Please remove them from the packages and push to community. 15 0 Task Complete
opencolorio1 rebuild 2021-01-31 Sven-Hendrik Haase We decided we can't use opencolorio 2 because version 2 is basically completely different from version 1. We'll therefore just go with an opencolorio1 package. 5 0 Rebuild Complete
cudnn 8.1 rebuild 2021-01-31 Sven-Hendrik Haase Stuff goes into [community-staging]. 5 0 Rebuild Complete
imagemagick rebuild 2021-01-30 Antonio Rojas Packages go to [staging] 16 0 Rebuild Complete
Remove pepper-flash from optional dependencies 2021-01-19 Evangelos Foutras Flash Player reached end-of-life on December 31, 2020. Before dropping it from [extra], we have to remove it from a few browsers' optional dependencies. 3 0 Rebuild Complete
PHP 8 compatibility 2021-01-18 Pierre Schmitz The PHP modules for PHP 8 are now rebuilt and a php7 package is available for software that is not compatible yet. Please check compatibility with your packages * If your package works fine with PHP 8 (e.g. documented by upstream or tested by yourself) just mark it as complete; a rebuild is not needed. * If you know your package will not work with PHP 8 update its dependency to the php7 packages. Make sure to update config or scripts as the php7 biaries have the "7" postfix. E.g. /usr/bin/php7 or /usr/bin/php-fpm7 Updates to these packages should be moved to [testing] or [community-testing] 27 0 Rebuild Complete
libplacebo 3.104.0 soname bump 2021-01-13 Levente Polyak libplacebo 3.104.0 has soname 104 which should be built in staging 3 0 Rebuild Complete soname bump 2021-01-13 Levente Polyak libdav1d has a new soname version .5 which requires rebuilds put into staging and built against dav1d 0.8.1-1 6 0 Rebuild Complete
podofo rebuild 2021-01-10 Jelle van der Waa New podofo release bumps the soname and requires a rebuild, rebuilds go into [staging]. 5 0 Rebuild Complete
PHP-8 and PHP7 module rebuild 2021-01-08 Pierre Schmitz The php package has been updated to version 8. For the meantime we keep version 7 packaged as php7. Both packages are available in [staging]. php7 will dropped once all the scripts we provide (and the ecosystem in general) is compatible with version 8. Module should be recompiled for version 8 and if desired provided for php7 as well. Let me know if you have to drop the module for one version due to incompatibility. If you like to provide both versions a split package might be the easiest approach. For an example see APCu: Once all rebuilds are done the packages are moved to [testing] to check those that depend on php. 28 0 Rebuild Complete
libopenraw 0.3.0 release 2020-12-19 Frederik Schwan Rebuild for libopenraw 0.3.0. libopenraw-0.3.0 is in [community-staging]. 2 0 Rebuild Complete
Electron 11 2020-11-21 Nicola Squartini Push to [community-staging]. 7 0 Rebuild Complete
Remaining rebuilds for Python 3.9 2020-11-13 Evangelos Foutras These are the last remaining packages that need a rebuild for Python 3.9. They either fail to build or have test failures in check(). If a package in this list also exists in staging, it does not mean it's done; if it's marked as failed on [1] then it likely has test failures. (In this case, the staging package was built with --nocheck to satisfy other packages' checkdeps and avoid dependency cycles, and therefore needs a proper rebuild.) Please commit a fix to /trunk and click on the failed task on [1] to retry it. You don't need to bump pkgrel as the automatic rebuilder does that before building and pushing a new package. Build logs of the failed rebuilds are available on either [1] or [2]. loqs has also shared some notes about failed builds [3], which might be useful for some of these failures. Some packages might require fixes to one or more of their dependencies that have already been rebuilt. (For example, python-libcst's backtrace indicates that the actual issue lies in python-typing_inspect.) [1] [2] [3] 105 0 Rebuild Complete
gdk-pixbuf-xlib split 2020-11-09 Jan Alexander Steffens gdk-pixbuf2 2.42.0 moved the deprecated to a separate project. A new package gdk-pixbuf-xlib is available in [staging] that contains Please update your depends and push to staging. 7 0 Rebuild Complete
wlroots 0.12.0 2020-11-08 Maxim Baz New wlroots release is in community-staging Please check your packages and push a rebuild or a new version when available. Thanks :) 4 0 Rebuild Complete
imagemagick rebuild 2020-11-07 Antonio Rojas -> 8 -> 8 15 0 Rebuild Complete
glslang 11 rebuild 2020-11-04 Sven-Hendrik Haase Rebuilds go to staging. 6 0 Rebuild Complete
hidapi now optdepends on libusb and libudev 2020-11-01 Filipe Laíns Hey! hidapi used to have an hard dependency on libusb, but as it is only required when using the libusb backend ( I've made it optional. hidapi 0.10.0 also gained a dependency for the hidraw backend. It now needs libudev. Please check which backend your package uses. If it uses the libusb one (, please add a hard dependency on libusb. If it uses the hidraw one (, please add a hard dependency on If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on IRC or email. Cheers! Filipe 14 0 Rebuild Complete
fmt ABI breakage 2020-10-28 Maxime Gauduin fmt 7.1.0 changed its ABI without bumping the soname, so let's rebuild, packages go directly to extra/community 10 0 Rebuild Complete
net-snmp 5.9 rebuild 2020-10-27 Felix Yan The upgrade to net-snmp 5.9 introduces soname bumps: usr/lib/ -> usr/lib/ -> usr/lib/ -> usr/lib/ -> usr/lib/ -> usr/lib/ -> Rebuilds go to [staging]/[community-staging] respectively. 15 0 Rebuild Complete
Python modules including site-packages/tests/ 2020-10-22 Morten Linderud Some packages doesn't exclude their test directory from packaging. As these directories contains similar or sometimes the same files they are bound to cause package conflicts. Either rm the directory from the package, or patch `` as shown in the example patch, and push to stable repositories. 7 0 Rebuild Complete
Remove libjpeg from depends/makedepends/optdepends and use shared object dependency 2020-10-18 David Runge The libjpeg-turbo package provides In the past this has been reflected by a "libjpeg=major.minor.patch" entry in the provides array. This approach requires manual intervention in the libjpeg-turbo PKGBUILD and is less useful than a shared object provides as that automatically exposes the shared object version [1]. The libjpeg-turbo package now has "" and "" in the provides array, which makes the entry for "libjpeg=major.minor.patch" obsolete. Please replace a "libjpeg-turbo" or "libjpeg" in depends with a shared object depends [2] (if your package in fact links against it), and a "libjpeg" in makedepends or optdepends with "libjpeg-turbo". Afterwards push a rebuilt package to the respective stable repository. Note in regards to depends array: * If you would like to only have the respective shared object in the eventual depends array, add "libjpeg-turbo" to makedepends and add "" (or "" depending on your requirement) in the package() function (e.g. by `depends+=('')`). * If you would like to have both the package and the shared object in the depends array, add "libjpeg-turbo" first and then the shared object. Note in regards to the package list in the TODO: All packages that directly link against or are considered. If your package does not yet have a direct dependency on libjpeg-turbo's shared objects but is in the list, please add it, as transitive dependencies are discouraged [2]. If you are unsure of what this all means, please get in touch via mail or IRC! :) [1] [2] 0 0 Rebuild Complete
Remove legacy libusbx dependency 2020-10-17 David Runge The current libusb in [testing] dropped the legacy provides for libusbx. Please rebuild and push your packages to the respective stable repositories while depending on libusb or even better [1] instead. [1] 5 0 Rebuild Complete
libgit2 1.1.0 2020-10-15 David Runge The upgrade to libgit2 1.1.0 introduces a soname bump: -> Rebuilds go to [staging]/[community-staging] respectively. 11 0 Rebuild Complete
LLVM 11 2020-10-12 Evangelos Foutras -> -> -> I added llvm10 for bootstrapping the rust/ldc rebuilds, by rebuilding them in staging to use llvm10{,-libs} and then reverting back to regular llvm. llvm10 can also be used for packages not ported to LLVM 11, as long as they don't also use other LLVM components like clang. 51 0 Rebuild Complete
cuda 11.1 rebuild 2020-09-28 Konstantin Gizdov CUDA 11.1 is officially considered the first production release of CUDA 11 after the General Availability version of 11.0.3. CUDA 11.1 seems to introduce some significant changes compared to CUDA 11.0, e.g. it now supports GCC 10 as host compiler. Also, notably, it is build upon driver 455.23.05 version, which is not available for public consumption yet, but official release notes say it should work fine with any version above 455.23. There is also a new PTX compiler static library and support for Ampere based cards (compute capability 8.6). IMPORTANT: we should try to retire gcc9 and ensure everything still works. 12 0 Rebuild Complete
GNOME 3.38 2020-09-27 Jan Alexander Steffens GNOME 3.38 has entered [staging]. The following changes require rebuilds: libhandy: -> libhandy0 now contains the old library. Upgrade your packages to libhandy 1 or move the dep to libhandy0. evolution-data-server: -> tepl: -> vala: -> (et valadoc) tracker3: tracker still contains the old library, but its miners are no longer automatically started. Check if your package can be upgraded to tracker3 or if tracker support can reasonably be removed, otherwise leave as-is. mutter: -> sysprof: libsysprof-capture-3.a -> libsysprof-capture-4.a 27 0 Rebuild Complete
libupnp 1.14.0 2020-09-25 David Runge The upgrade to libupnp 1.14.0 introduces a (or rather several) soname bump(s). While mpd and vlc seem to build fine with it, amule and jami-daemon are (out-of-the-box) only compatible with libupnp <= 1.12.1. For the latter case libupnp1.12 has been added to [community-staging]. However, note that the libraries and directories have been renamed to prevent name conflicts! If you can make amule and/or jami-daemon compatible with the latest libupnp, all the better! Rebuilds go to [staging]/[community-staging]. 9 0 Rebuild Complete
bullet 3.05 rebuild 2020-09-24 Sven-Hendrik Haase To staging 4 0 Rebuild Complete
pdal 2.2.0 2020-09-11 Sven-Hendrik Haase Rebuilds go to [staging]. 4 0 Rebuild Complete
libwebsockets 4.1.0 rebuild 2020-09-07 David Runge The upgrade to libwebsockets 4.1.0 introduced a soname bump. Rebuilds go to community-staging. 4 0 Rebuild Complete
Electron 10 2020-08-27 Nicola Squartini Push to [community-staging]. I've added the electron9 in [community-staging] package for those who need it. 10 0 Rebuild Complete
libxcrypt rebuild 2020-08-20 Bartłomiej Piotrowski The new glibc in [testing] repository drops libcrypt.h header and corresponding static library. The upstream plans to eventually remove libcrypt from glibc tree in favor of a separate project libxcrypt; it's now available in [testing]. There's no breakage (famous last words) as glibc still ships for backwards compatibility, while libxcrypt package provides development headers and library with bumped soname version due to removal of the functions providing insecure hashes. You may need to add '#include <crypt.h>' if it was missing before as uninstd.h no longer provides a declaration of the crypt function. Packages go to [testing] until the toolchain is moved to [core]. 111 0 Rebuild Complete
opusfile 0.12 rebuild 2020-08-16 Alexander Rødseth Rebuilds go to staging. Thanks! 9 0 Rebuild Complete
openvdb 7.1 rebuild 2020-08-14 Sven-Hendrik Haase Rebuilds go to staging. 3 0 Rebuild Complete
Electron 9.2 2020-08-07 Nicola Squartini There should be no breaking changes. If rebuild is needed push to [community-staging]. 7 0 Rebuild Complete
fmt, libebml, libmatroska and x264 rebuild 2020-08-04 Maxime Gauduin All libs had a soname bump and some packages are overlapping so let's do it all at once. 25 0 Rebuild Complete
Lua 5.4 rebuild 2020-06-30 Anatol Pomozov Lua 5.4 is released a and we need to rebuild lua specific packages. lua 5.4 is in [staging]. There is also lua53 package in [testing] one can use if the package is not compatible with 5.4. 64 0 Rebuild Complete
removal of "xorg-font-utils" transitional package 2020-06-26 Andreas Radke We are going to drop the transitional package "xorg-font-utils" together with the ToDo list to remove unneeded fontconfig and xorg-mkfontscale dependencies from font packages. Please remove "xorg-font-utils" from all PKGBUILDs and replace with the packages that were covered by its dependencies where needed: xorg-bdftopcf / xorg-mkfontdir / xorg-mkfontscale / xorg-font-util These should only be used in "makedepends" where possible. Packages can go to extra/community. 37 0 Rebuild Complete
remove unneeded fontconfig and xorg-mkfontscale dependencies from font packages 2020-06-26 Eli Schwartz These packages only provide font data files, but depend on programs that make use of the fonts. This is a legacy of the pre-hook days, when each package included a post_upgrade scriptlet that ensured the fontconfig/xorg cache was rebuilt. The dependencies should be removed, and if/when the fontconfig or xorg-mkfontscale packages are installed, they will build the entire font cache from scratch. Be sure to also remove the xorg-font-utils dummy package if it is still a dependency. See 48 0 Rebuild Complete
Remove .doctrees from installed files for reproducible builds 2020-06-22 Jelle van der Waa The .doctrees file is generated by sphinx are cached files used when developing documentation so that sphinx does not have to reparse all markdown files. They shouldn't be packaged as they are not required and they lead to the package being unreproducible as the pickled files contain unreproducible data. 8 0 Rebuild Complete
Perl 5.32.0 rebuild 2020-06-21 Florian Pritz packages go to staging. upstream release notes: EDIT: we will rebuild this list automatically with Evangelos' rebuilder. 532 0 Rebuild Complete
python-pillow 7 2020-06-15 Kyle Keen Pillow 7 dropped python2 support (yay!), and tweaked the API in a reverse incompatible fashion: Please test if your package works (or builds for makedeps, or passes for checkdeps) with python-pillow-7, which is in [staging]. If it does work, check it off and do nothing. If it doesn't work, either patch for pillow 7 (and push to [staging]), or tweak the imports from `PIL` to `PIL6` and change the dependency to python-pillow6 (and push to [community]). Python2 packages require no changes. 46 0 Rebuild Complete
jsoncpp 1.9.3 soname change 2020-06-13 Levente Polyak packages to to staging 10 0 Rebuild Complete