Rebuild Todo List Drop python-exceptiongroup

2024-04-27 - Jelle van der Waa

Exceptiongroup was introduced in Python 3.11 and packaged as a backport while we are currently having Python 3.12 in our repository.

The backport package is only needed for older Python versions so we should not have this in our repository.

Starlette for example does not depend on it and handles it gracefully under < 3.11 But that is not relevant for Arch.

python-cattrs only needs it when Python < 3.11

If an upstream still depends on it, tell them to depend on it as cattrs does which makes it only required for older versions.

(Meanwhile also check if typed-extensions is still needed, likely it is not)

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Extra hypercorn 0.16.0-3 alucryd Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-cattrs 23.2.3-3 alerque Complete alerque
any Extra python-pytest 1:8.2.1-1 polyzen, FFY00 Complete polyzen
any Extra python-pytest-trio 0.8.0-6 alucryd Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-starlette 0.37.2-5 dvzrv, FFY00, Antiz Complete Antiz
any Extra python-trio 0.25.1-1 alucryd Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-trio-asyncio 0.14.0-3 alucryd Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-trio-websocket 0.11.1-3 freswa Complete freswa
x86_64 Extra python-urwid 2.6.10-3 anthraxx Complete dvzrv
any Extra streamlink 6.7.4-1 grazzolini, freswa Complete freswa