Task Todo List Drop Electron 28 (Upstream EOL)

2024-06-11 - Caleb Maclennan

All currently supported Electron release series are available in repos (29, 30, 31) as well as the electron meta package that supplies whatever the latest supported release we package. Electron 28 and below are all EOL (https://releases.electronjs.org/)

All packages that depend on EOL versions should be reviewed.

* If they don't care what version they run on, using 'electron' is best.
* Unfortunately most apps *do* care and use version-specific compilation steps. In that case they should use the newest 'electronNN' package that can be made to successfully build and run.
* If they won't support a current Electron at all we'll try to keep packages around until everything is migrated off. Please do open upstream issues noting that the current release won't build on a supported/non-EOL version of Electron.
* If the upstream development status and/or response to the related issue suggests this is not going to get addressed, consider dropping the package to the AUR. EOL builds of most Electron versions (both source and -bin variants) are maintained long after the EOL status.

The process for rebuilding EOL versions gets increasingly harder as other system packages get updated and patches have to be back-ported to old Chromium builds, so the first chance to migrate up to a supported version would be appreciated.

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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x86_64 Extra bitwarden 2024.5.0-1 alex19EP Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mattermost-desktop 5.7.0-2 alerque Incomplete
x86_64 Extra obsidian 1.6.3-2 svenstaro Incomplete