netcfg 2.8.2 release

netcfg 2.8.2 has been moved to [core]. It has been six months since netcfg had an update, so it accumulated quite some changes. Here is a shortlist.

  • Configuration has moved out of rc.conf. Please move your configuration to /etc/conf.d/netcfg.
  • Connection types ending in -old, -dbus and -iproute are discontinued. Remove the suffix if you still have it: you didn't need it.
  • Systemd is now supported for single profile, multiple profile, automatic wired and automatic wireless connections.
  • For your basic wifi needs, you can now use the bundled wifi-menu tool. It is a dialog based connection aid inspired by wifi-select.
  • Disconnecting an interface is no longer done through -i. The new parameter is -D. Reconnecting an interface is possible through -R.
  • There is a new connection type: PPPoE.

The full changelog is at

The wiki does not reflect all these changes yet, please help updating it!