Changes to LVM

With lvm2 2.02.98-3, we now utilize lvmetad to activate LVM volumes automatically. This implies the following changes:

  • The lvm2 initramfs hook now requires the udev hook.
  • The use_lvmetad = 1 must be set in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf. This is the default now - if you have a lvm.conf.pacnew file, you must merge this change.
  • You can restrict the volumes that are activated automatically by setting the auto_activation_volume_list in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf. If in doubt, leave this option commented out.
  • If you need monitoring (needed for snapshots), run systemctl enable lvm-monitoring.service.
  • The lvmwait kernel command line option is no longer needed and has no effect.

If you run pacman -Syu and update device-mapper, linux and lvm2 at the same time, you will get an error message that /sbin/dmsetup is missing. Run mkinitcpio -p linux again after the update to avoid any problems.