Transition of KDE software to the KDE Framework and Qt 5

The KDE Software Collection has been updated to KDE Applications 14.12.

The KDE developers have started porting their software to KDE Frameworks and Qt 5. For a list of the software that has been ported see the announcement.

When a KDE Frameworks port of a KDE application is considered stable, it is released with KDE Applications and development and bug fixes are no longer applied to the Qt4/KDE4 version. This means that as ported versions of applications are released, we will switch to the newer version. At the same time, we are getting rid of KDE module prefixes (e.g. kdebase-konsole -> konsole).

The result of this transition is that some packages will be using Qt5 and some will be using Qt4. We are working hard to make the transition smooth for KDE4 users, but things might look different depending on your configuration. Please adjust themes and colors as necessary for the two toolkits. See the wiki for help. We also recommend switching to Plasma 5.2 which will be released this week.

Please report upstream bugs to the KDE bugzilla. Feel free to CC me.