PHP 7.0 packages released

Packages of the new major version of PHP have been released into the stable repositories. Besides the new PHP 7 features there are the following packaging changes. In general the package configuration is now closer to what was intended by the PHP project. Also refer to the PHP 7 migration guide for upstream improvements.

Removed packages

  • php-pear
  • php-mssql
  • php-ldap The module is now included in the php package
  • php-mongo The new php-mongodb might provide an alternative even though it is not a compatible drop-in replacement
  • php-xcache Consider using the included OPcache and optionally APCu for user data cache
  • graphviz The PHP bindings had to be removed

New packages

Configuration changes

  • open_basedir is no longer set by default
  • openssl, phar and posix extensions are now built in
  • php-fpm does no longer provide a logrotate configuration. Instead syslog/journald is used by default
  • php-fpm's service file does no longer set PrivateTmp=true
  • The configuration and module of php-apache have been renamed to php7_module.conf and