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Currently we have official packages optimized for the x86-64 architecture. We complement our official package sets with a community-operated package repository that grows in size and quality each and every day.

Our strong community is diverse and helpful, and we pride ourselves on the range of skillsets and uses for Arch that stem from it. Please check out our forums and mailing lists to get your feet wet. Also glance through our wiki if you want to learn more about Arch.

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Bugtracker migration to GitLab completed


We are happy to announce that the migration of the bugtracker to GitLab is done! 🥳

Thanks to everyone who has helped during the migration!

This means the issue tracker and merge requests on the GitLab package repos are now enabled.

The old bugtracker will subsequently be closed down. For archiving reasons there will be a static copy so that links (for example the randomly picked Task #56716) are still stable, migrated bugs have a closing comment pointing to the new URL on GitLab.

Packaging bugs are now opened on the repo hosting the corresponding packaging sources, the "Add a new Bug" button on the package page on archlinux.org will automatically direct you to the correct place to open the issue. The workflow afterwards is mostly the same, first our Bug Wranglers will have a look at the issues and triage them, and then they will be handed over to the respective Package Maintainers to fix. A list of all issues can be found here.

If you do not have an account for GitLab already (which authenticates against our SSO service), please write us a mail with your desired username to accountsupport@archlinux.org as advised in the banner.

Incoming changes in JDK / JRE 21 packages may require manual intervention


We are introducing a change in JDK/JRE packages of our distro. This is triggered from the way a JRE is build in modern versions of Java (>9). We are introducing this change in Java 21.

To sum it up instead of having JDK and JRE packages coexist in the same system we will be making them conflict. The JDK variant package includes the runtime environment to execute Java applications so if one needs compilation and runtime of Java they need only the JDK package in the future. If, on the other hand, they need just runtime of Java then JRE …

Changes to default password hashing algorithm and umask settings


With shadow >= 4.14.0, Arch Linux's default password hashing algorithm changed from SHA512 to yescrypt.

Furthermore, the umask settings are now configured in /etc/login.defs instead of /etc/profile.

This should not require any manual intervention.

Reasons for Yescrypt

The password-based key derivation function (KDF) and password hashing scheme yescrypt has been chosen due to its adoption (readily available in libxcrypt, which is used by pam) and its stronger resilience towards password cracking attempts over SHA512.

Although the winner of the Password Hashing Competition has been argon2, this algorithm is not yet available in libxcrypt …

ansible-core >= 2.15.3-1 update may require manual intervention


As of ansible-core 2.15.3, upstream moved documentation and examples to a separate dedicated repository (see the related changelogs).
This means that, starting from version 2.15.3 the ansible-core package will stop shipping documentation and a default configuration example under /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg.

Regarding the documentation, it is available online: https://docs.ansible.com/
As for the configuration file, as explained in the wiki, a base config can be generated with the following command:

ansible-config init --disabled > ansible.cfg

After updating from ansible-core <= 2.15.2-1 to >= 2.15.3-1, everyone using a custom global Ansible configuration file stored under /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg will have their …

budgie-desktop >= 10.7.2-6 update requires manual intervention


When upgrading from budgie-desktop 10.7.2-5 to 10.7.2-6, the package mutter43 must be replaced with magpie-wm, which currently depends on mutter. As mutter43 conflicts with mutter, manual intervention is required to complete the upgrade.

First remove mutter43, then immediately perform the upgrade. Do not relog or reboot between these steps.

pacman -Rdd mutter43

pacman -Syu

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Recent Updates (more)

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strawberry 1.0.22-1 x86_64
zxing-cpp 2.2.0-2 x86_64
typescript-language-server 4.2.0-1 any
kio-fuse 5.1.0-1 x86_64
python-typing_extensions 4.9.0-1 any
python-pathspec 0.12.0-1 any
minio 2023.12.09-1 x86_64
calc x86_64
handbrake 1.7.1-1 x86_64
virtualbox-host-modules-arch 7.0.12-10 x86_64
vhba-module 20211218-165 x86_64
linux 6.6.5.arch1-1 x86_64
tp_smapi 0.44-21 x86_64
r8168 8.052.01-13 x86_64
nvidia-open 545.29.06-4 x86_64