Rebuild Todo List No files in /bin, /sbin or /usr/sbin

May 30, 2013 - Allan McRae

Move files in the /bin, /sbin or /usr/sbin directories to /usr/bin.

Put all packages in [staging] but do not build using the staging repo (as this probably will not work...)

Any packages that can safely go to the main repos after moving the files should just go to the main repos straight away.

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra apache 2.4.62-1 anatolik Complete pierre
any Extra archiso 78-1 dvzrv Complete djgera
x86_64 Core bash 5.2.026-5 tpowa, felixonmars, anthraxx, grazzolini Complete allan
x86_64 Extra bitlbee Complete dreisner
x86_64 Extra bluez 5.77-1 andyrtr, Antiz Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra bluez-hcidump Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core bridge-utils eworm Complete tpowa
x86_64 Core btrfs-progs 6.9.2-1 tpowa, seblu Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra cdrkit Complete allan
x86_64 Core coreutils 9.5-1 tpowa, seblu Complete allan
x86_64 Core cryptsetup 2.7.3-1 eworm Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra cyrus-sasl 2.1.28-3 Archange Complete eric
x86_64 Core dash 0.5.12-1 anthraxx Complete pierre
x86_64 Extra davfs2 Complete tpowa
x86_64 Core device-mapper 2.03.25-2 eworm Complete eric
any Extra devtools 1:1.2.1-1 anthraxx, gromit Complete eric
x86_64 Extra dhclient 4.4.3.P1-3 eworm Complete allan
x86_64 Extra dhcp 4.4.3.P1-3 eworm Complete allan
x86_64 Core dhcpcd grazzolini, dvzrv Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core e2fsprogs 1.47.1-4 eworm Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core ed arojas, alerque Complete dreisner
x86_64 Core filesystem seblu, dvzrv Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra fuse Complete allan
x86_64 Extra gconf Complete allan
x86_64 Extra gdm 46.2-2 heftig Complete allan
x86_64 Core glibc 2.40-1 grazzolini, freswa Complete allan
x86_64 Core inetutils 2.5-1 anthraxx Complete eric
x86_64 Core iproute2 6.10.0-1 eworm Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core iptables 1:1.8.10-2 felixonmars Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra iptraf-ng 1.2.1-2 anthraxx Complete allan
x86_64 Core iw 6.9-1 eworm Complete tpowa
x86_64 Core kmod 32-1 eworm Complete dreisner
x86_64 Extra libatasmart 0.19-6 bgyorgy Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra libbonobo Complete allan
x86_64 Core libsasl 2.1.28-4 anthraxx, dvzrv Complete eric
x86_64 Extra libsmbios 2.4.3-7 grawlinson Complete allan
x86_64 Core lilo Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra lsof 4.99.3-2 anatolik, anthraxx Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core lvm2 2.03.25-2 eworm Complete eric
x86_64 Extra metalog 20230719-2 juergen Complete eric
x86_64 Extra modemmanager 1.22.0-1 heftig Complete heftig
x86_64 Extra msmtp-mta 1.8.26-2 felixonmars, blakkheim Complete eric
x86_64 Extra mtr 0.95-5 anthraxx Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Extra mtr-gtk 0.95-5 anthraxx Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Core net-tools 2.10-2 Complete allan
x86_64 Extra networkmanager 1.48.4-1 heftig Complete heftig
x86_64 Core nfs-utils 2.6.4-1 andyrtr Complete tpowa
x86_64 Core nilfs-utils 2.2.11-1 jelle Complete tpowa
any Core openresolv heftig, jelle Complete heftig
x86_64 Core openvpn eworm Complete pierre
x86_64 Extra pm-utils Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra postfix 3.9.0-3 dvzrv Complete bisson
x86_64 Core ppp 2.5.0-3 felixonmars Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core pptpclient 1.10.0-3 Complete allan
x86_64 Extra rtmpdump 1:2.4.r105.6f6bb13-1 alucryd Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core sed 4.9-3 seblu Complete allan
x86_64 Core shadow 4.16.0-1 grazzolini, dvzrv Complete dreisner
x86_64 Extra ssmtp Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core syslinux 6.04.pre2.r11.gbf6db5b4-4 anatolik Complete allan
x86_64 Core systemd 256.2-1 eworm Complete dreisner
x86_64 Core systemd-sysvcompat 256.2-1 eworm Complete dreisner
x86_64 Core sysvinit-tools Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core tar 1.35-2 seblu Complete allan
x86_64 Extra tftp-hpa 5.2-10 anatolik Complete eric
x86_64 Extra udisks2 2.10.1-4 felixonmars, dvzrv Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra usbmuxd 1.1.1-4 freswa Complete tomegun
x86_64 Core util-linux 2.40.2-1 eworm Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra v4l-utils 1.26.1-1 jelle Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra v86d Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra watchdog Complete tpowa
any Extra wicd Complete eric
x86_64 Core wpa_actiond Complete tpowa
x86_64 Core wpa_supplicant 2:2.10-8 foutrelis, Foxboron Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra wpa_supplicant_gui Complete pierre
x86_64 Extra yp-tools Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra zsh 5.9-5 eworm, freswa Complete pierre
x86_64 Extra zvbi 0.2.42-1 alucryd Complete tomegun