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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Extra aida-x-clap 1.1.0-1 An Amp Model Player leveraging AI - CLAP plugin 2024-02-01
x86_64 Extra cardinal-clap 24.05-1 Virtual modular synthesizer - CLAP plugin 2024-05-28
x86_64 Extra dexed-clap 0.9.6.r90.g9e01c0c-1 A software synth closely modelled on the Yamaha DX7 - CLAP plugin 2023-05-19
x86_64 Extra dpf-plugins-clap 1.7-1 Collection of DPF-based plugins - CLAP plugins 2023-05-19
x86_64 Extra dragonfly-reverb-clap 3.2.10-2 A concert hall reverb and a room reverb - CLAP plugin 2023-05-19
x86_64 Extra elephantdsp-roomreverb-clap 1.1.0-1 A mono and stereo algorithmic room reverb audio effect plugin - CLAP plugin 2023-12-02
x86_64 Extra lsp-plugins-clap 1.2.16-1 Collection of open-source plugins - CLAP 2024-05-22
x86_64 Extra master_me-clap 1.2.0-1 Automatic mastering plugin for live streaming, podcasts and internet radio - CLAP plugin 2023-05-19
x86_64 Extra odin2-synthesizer-clap 2.3.4-2 24 voice polyphonic synthesizer with modulation and FX - CLAP plugin 2023-07-03
x86_64 Extra ot-cryptid-clap 1.0.1-3 FM drum synthesizer with a Yamaha DX-7 emulation sound engine - CLAP plugin 2023-12-01
x86_64 Extra ot-urchin-clap 1.0.0-1 A hybrid drum synth that models the gritty lo-fi sound of vintage beats - CLAP plugin 2023-12-01
x86_64 Extra sg-323-clap 0.6.3-1 Emulation of the Ursa Major Stargate 323 digital reverb - CLAP plugin 2023-11-28
x86_64 Extra spectmorph-clap 0.6.1-1 Analyze samples of musical instruments and combine them (morphing) - CLAP plugin 2023-11-07
x86_64 Extra stochas-clap 1.3.10-1 A probabilistic polyrhythmic sequencer - CLAP plugin 2024-02-20
x86_64 Extra surge-xt-clap 1.3.1-1 Subtractive hybrid synthesizer - CLAP plugin 2024-05-05 2024-05-17
x86_64 Extra wolf-shaper-clap 1.0.2-1 A waveshaper plugin with a graph editor - CLAP plugin 2023-05-19
x86_64 Extra zam-plugins-clap 4.3-1 Collection of audio plugins for high-quality processing - CLAP plugins 2024-05-13