Rebuild Todo List python-pydantic 2

2023-07-13 - David Runge

The upgrade to python-pydantic >= 2.0.0 introduces breaking changes.

Please follow upstream recommendations to adapt packages/ propose changes to projects accordingly:

bump-pydantic is temporarily packaged to help assist in these efforts. Please share patches upstream.

Upstreams that are either not able to switch right away or are unresponsive should be switched to python-pydantic1 (which conflicts with python-pydantic).

Rebuilt packages go to staging

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Extra arch-release-promotion 0.3.0-2 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
any Extra feeluown 4.1.5-1 felixonmars Complete torxed
any Extra jedi-language-server 0.41.3-2 polyzen Complete polyzen
x86_64 Extra matrix-synapse 1.109.0-1 alex19EP Complete polyzen
any Extra python-aws-sam-translator 1.89.0-1 yan12125 Complete yan12125
any Extra python-camel-converter 3.0.2-2 jelle Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra python-cx-freeze Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-dirty-equals 0.7.1.post0-4 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-fastapi 0.111.0-1 dvzrv, Antiz Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-inflect 7.3.1-1 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-itemadapter 0.8.0-4 felixonmars Complete felixonmars
any Extra python-matrix-common 1.3.0-5 alex19EP Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-meilisearch 0.50-1 jelle Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra python-pydantic dvzrv, FFY00 Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-pythonfinder Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-pytoolconfig 1.3.1-2 Foxboron Complete dvzrv
any Extra python-rstcheck-core 1.2.1-3 polyzen Complete polyzen
any Extra repod 0.3.1-2 dvzrv Complete dvzrv