Task Todo List Move sources from /srv/ftp/other/community to extra

2023-07-02 - Jelle van der Waa

The following packages uses sources from the community directory while they are now moved in [extra]. As we want to remove that directory please migrate them to /srv/ftp/other/extra


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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra aspell-pl demize Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra bin86 0.16.21-4 cbehan, eworm Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra dev86 0.16.21-7 eworm Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra gnujump 1.0.8-6 jsteel Complete jelle
any Extra hunspell-pl 20230701-1 demize Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra libretro-retrodream 1104-2 alucryd Complete jelle
any Extra mythes-pl 1:0.8.68-1 Complete jelle
any Extra otf-ipaexfont 004.01-3 farseerfc Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra pidgin-kwallet 1.1.0-6 felixonmars Complete jelle
any Extra python-docs 3.11.3-1 Foxboron Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra transcode 1.1.7-41 arojas Complete jelle
any Extra ttf-droid 20121017-10 jleclanche Complete jelle
any Extra ttf-input 20220502-2 svenstaro Complete jelle
any Extra ttf-roboto 2.138-4 demize Complete jelle