Rebuild Todo List Go 1.16 rebuild

2021-02-21 - Morten Linderud

Go 1.16 has been released so we will do a complete rebuild for library changes, compiler and runtime improvements.

New this round has been that Go modules is now on by default. This means that any packages still not utilizing go modules needs to disable the feature during build. This can be done with the env variable GO111MODULE.

export GO111MODULE=off

I have not seen any other significant changes and smoke testing with the container runtimes didn't show anything wrong.

All packages goes to the stable repos directly. Email me or bug me on IRC if there are questions or issues that needs to be fixed!

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra alertmanager 0.27.0-1 jelle, demize Complete Foxboron
x86_64 Extra booster 0.11-1 anatolik Complete Foxboron
x86_64 Extra ipp-usb 0.9.25-1 andyrtr Complete andyrtr
x86_64 Extra irccat Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra pkgstats 3.2.17-1 pierre Complete pierre
x86_64 Extra prometheus 2.51.2-1 jelle, demize, hashworks Complete Foxboron
x86_64 Extra prometheus-blackbox-exporter 0.24.0-1 jelle, demize Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra prometheus-memcached-exporter 0.14.2-1 jelle Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra prometheus-mysqld-exporter 0.15.1-1 jelle Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra prometheus-node-exporter 1.7.0-1 jelle, demize Complete jelle