Task Todo List ffmpeg4.4 removal

2022-02-18 - Maxime Gauduin

New todo to progressively phase out ffmpeg4.4, no rush, just something to keep in mind.

Packages can go to extra/community directly.

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Community aubio 0.4.9-13 dvzrv Incomplete
x86_64 Community av1an 0.3.1-2 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community blender 17:3.1.2-2.1 17:3.1.2-3 svenstaro, FFY00, freswa Complete svenstaro
x86_64 Community dsp 1.8-3 foxxx0 Incomplete
x86_64 Community dvdstyler 3.1.2-5 bgyorgy Incomplete
x86_64 Community ffmpeg2theora 0.30-8 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Extra ffmpeg4.4 4.4.1-5 alucryd Incomplete
x86_64 Extra gegl 0.4.36-3 eworm Complete eworm
x86_64 Community gifski 1.6.4-3 FFY00, orhun Incomplete
x86_64 Community harvid 0.9.0-1 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Community hedgewars 1.0.0-287 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra java11-openjfx 11.0.15.u2-1 freswa Incomplete
x86_64 Extra java8-openjfx Incomplete
x86_64 Extra java-openjfx 18.0.1.u2-1 felixonmars, anthraxx, freswa Incomplete
x86_64 Community libmgba 0.9.3-3 jsteel Incomplete
x86_64 Community libopenshot 0.2.7-10 Archange, dvzrv Incomplete
x86_64 Extra moc 1:2.5.2-6 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mpd 0.23.7-1 anthraxx, dvzrv Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Community obs-studio 27.2.4-1 jsteel Complete jsteel
x86_64 Community opencascade 1:7.5.3-3 kkeen, grawlinson Incomplete
x86_64 Community openscenegraph 3.6.5-13 anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Community python-pytorch 1.11.0-7 svenstaro, kgizdov Incomplete
x86_64 Community python-pytorch-cuda 1.11.0-7 svenstaro, kgizdov Incomplete
x86_64 Extra qtav 1.13.0-4 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community retroarch 1.10.3-1 alucryd Complete alucryd
x86_64 Community telegram-desktop 3.7.3-1 svenstaro, felixonmars, farseerfc Incomplete
x86_64 Extra vlc anthraxx, dvzrv Incomplete
x86_64 Community wxsvg 1.5.23-3 bgyorgy Incomplete
x86_64 Community xjadeo 0.8.11-1 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Community xpra 4.2.3-4 grazzolini Incomplete