Task Todo List Disable gobject-introspection on lib32 libraries

2021-03-12 - Jan Alexander Steffens

These packages contain files in /usr/lib32/girepository-1.0/ that aren't useful, as most of the introspection runtime for lib32 is missing.

Please look into disabling introspection on these builds (e.g. via `-D introspection=false` or `--disable-introspection`), which should also remove a makedepend on gobject-introspection.

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Multilib lib32-atk Complete lcarlier
x86_64 Multilib lib32-gtk3 1:3.24.42-1 Complete alucryd
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libappindicator-gtk2 12.10.0.r298-2 anthraxx Complete alucryd
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libappindicator-gtk3 12.10.0.r298-2 anthraxx Complete alucryd
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libgusb 0.4.9-1 alucryd Complete alucryd
x86_64 Multilib lib32-rest 0.8.1-4 alucryd Complete alucryd