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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Extra deepin-album 6.0.4-6 A fashion photo manager for viewing and organizing pictures 2024-05-29
x86_64 Extra deepin-boot-maker 5.7.8-1 Tool to create a bootable usb stick quick and easy 2023-05-19 2023-09-10
x86_64 Extra deepin-calculator 5.8.24-6 An easy to use calculator for ordinary users 2024-05-29 2023-09-10
x86_64 Extra deepin-camera Tool to view camera, take photo and video 2023-12-04
x86_64 Extra deepin-clipboard 6.0.8-1 DDE clipboard manager component 2024-06-17
x86_64 Extra deepin-clone 5.0.15-2 Disk and partition backup/restore tool 2023-08-02
any Extra deepin-community-wallpapers 1:1.7.7-2 Community wallpapers for DDE 2023-05-19 2023-08-20
x86_64 Extra deepin-compressor 5.12.23-4 A fast and lightweight application for creating and extracting archives 2024-05-29
x86_64 Extra deepin-device-formatter A simple graphical interface for creating file system in a block device 2023-08-10
x86_64 Extra deepin-draw 6.0.10-4 A lightweight drawing tool for Linux Deepin 2024-05-29
x86_64 Extra deepin-editor 6.0.17-3 Simple editor for Deepin 2024-05-19
x86_64 Extra deepin-font-manager 6.0.4-1 A font management tool for Deepin desktop 2024-03-20
x86_64 Extra deepin-grand-search 5.4.5-4 System-wide desktop search for DDE 2024-05-19
x86_64 Extra-Testing deepin-grand-search 5.4.5-5 System-wide desktop search for DDE 2024-06-15
x86_64 Extra deepin-movie 1:5.10.34-1 Movie player based on mpv 2023-10-18
x86_64 Extra deepin-music 7.0.4-1 Awesome music player with brilliant and tweakful UI Deepin-UI based. 2024-04-10
x86_64 Extra deepin-picker 6.0.1-2 Color picker tool for deepin 2024-05-06
x86_64 Extra deepin-printer 0.9.20-1 Printer configuration project for DDE 2023-09-21
x86_64 Extra deepin-reader 5.10.29-9 A simple PDF reader, supporting bookmarks, highlights and annotations 2024-05-29 2024-04-13
x86_64 Extra deepin-screen-recorder 5.12.15-3 Deepin Screen Recorder 2024-05-29
any Extra deepin-screensaver-pp 0.0.4-2 Optional PP screensaver resource for deepin screensaver 2023-05-19
x86_64 Extra deepin-terminal 6.0.12-1 Default terminal emulation application for Deepin 2024-03-20
x86_64 Extra deepin-voice-note 6.0.18-1 A lightweight memo tool to make text notes and voice recordings 2024-05-25