Rebuild Todo List vte3 0.38.0

2014-09-28 - Evangelos Foutras

usr/lib/ -> usr/lib/

** vte3 0.38.0-1 is in [testing] so rebuilt packages need to be pushed directly to [testing]/[community-testing]. **

(Some minor porting to the vte-2.91 API is required.)

Update 2014-10-07: Added vte290 for packages that can't be ported to the new API yet.

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra anjuta Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Extra gnome-color-manager 3.36.0+r51+gcf7ee2b5-1 heftig Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Extra gnome-terminal 3.52.0-1 heftig, fabiscafe Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Extra vinagre 1:3.22.0+r160+gc86e114-2 heftig Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Extra vte3 0.76.0-2 heftig Complete foutrelis