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2013-06-01 - Tom Gundersen

bluez has been updated to version 5, which is not compatible with version 4. I therefore split the package into the daemon (not compat) and the libs (compat) and added the old daemon as bluez4. Everything should 'just work' as before, but dependencies must be updated.

Packages depending on 'bluez' must be updated to depend on 'bluez4' (if using the dbus interface), 'bluez-libs' (if linking to the libs) and/or 'bluez-utils' (if using any of the tools).

Makedepends can be changed in svn only, no rebuild is necessary. Move rebuilt packages to [staging], they will move after the usermove has left [testing].

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Community blueman bgyorgy Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra bluez 5.66-1 andyrtr Complete heftig
x86_64 Extra bluez-hcidump Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra brltty 6.5-3 dvzrv Complete tomegun
x86_64 Community connman 1.41-1 shibumi Complete dwallace
x86_64 Community cwiid Complete speps
x86_64 Community dolphin-emu 1:5.0.r17995.8bad821019-2 alucryd Complete schuay
x86_64 Community gammu 1.42.0-1 jlichtblau Complete heftig
x86_64 Community gnokii Complete heftig
x86_64 Extra gpsd jlichtblau, arojas Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra gvfs 1.50.3-1 heftig Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra gvfs-obexftp heftig Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra kismet 2022_08_R1-1 juergen, anthraxx Complete heftig
any Community laptop-mode-tools Complete stativ
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libpulse 16.1-1 heftig Complete heftig
x86_64 Extra libbluedevil Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra networkmanager 1.40.12-1 heftig Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra obexd-client Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra obexd-server Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra openobex Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra pilot-link Complete heftig
x86_64 Extra pulseaudio 16.1-3 heftig, dvzrv Complete heftig
x86_64 Extra python felixonmars Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra python2 Complete tomegun
x86_64 Community python2-pybluez Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra qemu anatolik, dvzrv Complete heftig
x86_64 Community xbmc Complete spupykin