Rebuild Todo List Replace file/python-magic (aka. file-magic) with ahupp/python-magic

2022-07-12 - David Runge

Up until recently we have been shipping file's python-magic (or file-magic) as python-magic.
The upstream since > 5.40 is broken in async contexts and it does not properly deploy to

Dependents of python-magic in fact rely on and we actively patch out its use and replace it with file's python-magic.
However, ahupp/python-magic provides compatibility ( and is objectively the more well-maintained project, so let's use it instead.

NOTE: Rebuilds are only required if workarounds in PKGBUILDs are present to make these packages work with file/python-magic. Else just mark the package as completed.

Rebuilds go to [community-staging].

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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