Rebuild Todo List Remove use of python-setuptools-scm-git-archive

2022-11-11 - David Runge

With setuptools-scm >= 7.0.0 the separate use of setuptools-scm-git-archive has become obsolete, as the functionality is now included.

Fixing this will likely require going upstream and providing fixes to their `pyproject.toml` files (replacing the use of setuptools-scm-git-archive with `setuptools-scm>=7.0.0` in the `build-system` table).

For the time being it is also possible to just remove the use of `setuptools-scm-git-archive`/`setuptools_scm_git_archive` from pyproject.toml, setup.{cfg,py} and/or any requirements file (whichever applies to the respective project).

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