Rebuild Todo List QEMU 7.0.0 packaging changes

2022-04-21 - David Runge

With QEMU 7.0.0 the package has been turned into a split package.

Previous functionality has been largely superseded by meta packages:
* qemu -> qemu-desktop
* qemu-headless -> qemu-base
* qemu-headless-arch-extra/ qemu-arch-extra -> qemu-emulators-full

The qemu package itself is now a virtual package, while qemu-common provides some shared functionality.
The qemu-{base,desktop,full} meta packages provide qemu (in different feature richness) and also each provide all optdepends.

The user mode and system emulators, as well as all hardware emulation and drivers, etc. can now be addressed granularly.

Please adjust your packages according to the new setup (e.g. either by depending on specific system emulators or on one of the meta packages).

Rebuilds go to [staging]/ [community-staging].

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