Task Todo List python-sqlalchemy update to 1.4

2021-04-25 - Jelle van der Waa

python-sqlalchemy's 1.4 release seems to have broken a lot of packages in our repository's such as mailman3, python-aws-xray-sdk, buildbot, sopel etc. For this reason python-sqlalchemy1.3 is available in [community-staging], please check if your package works with 1.4 and if not add a dependency to python-sqlalchemy1.3 and put it in [staging] or [community-staging]. Packages which do not require anything fixes, can be marked as complete

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Community buildbot 3.1.1-1 3.1.1-2 yan12125 Complete yan12125
any Community griffith 0.17-2 0.17-3 bgyorgy Complete bgyorgy
any Community home-assistant 2021.4.6-1 2021.5.0-1 jelle, alucryd Complete alucryd
any Community mailman3 3.3.4-1 dvzrv Incomplete
any Community mailman3-hyperkitty 1.1.0-5 dvzrv Incomplete
x86_64 Community pgadmin4 4.30-1 anthraxx Incomplete
any Community pychess 1.0.3-1 arodseth Complete arodseth
any Community python-alembic 1.6.2-1 felixonmars, anthraxx Incomplete
any Community python-flask-migrate 2.7.0-1 anthraxx Incomplete
any Community python-flask-sqlalchemy 2.5.1-1 anthraxx Incomplete
any Community python-ibm-db-sa 0.3.5-4 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python-imdbpy 2021.4.18-1 dvzrv Incomplete
any Community python-marshmallow-sqlalchemy 0.24.2-1 0.25.0-1 alucryd Complete alucryd
any Community python-oslo-db 8.6.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python-sqlalchemy-continuum 1.3.11-1 jelle, anthraxx Incomplete
any Community python-sqlalchemy-i18n 1.0.3-4 anthraxx Incomplete
any Community python-sqlalchemy-migrate 0.13.0-6 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python-sqlalchemy-utils 0.36.8-3 jelle, anthraxx Incomplete
any Community python-subunit2sql 1.10.0-8 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community sopel 7.0.7-1 felixonmars Incomplete