Rebuild Todo List python-jsonschema-spec renaming

2023-10-14 - Chih-Hsuan Yen

UPDATE: sorry this list is wrong. python-jsonschema-spec and python-jsonschema-path can co-exist, so a synchronized update is not needed - each package can update on their own. I'll go ahead and mark all packages as completed.

Upstream renames jsonschema-spec to jsonschema-path [1]. The python module is also renamed from jsonschema_spec to jsonschema_path, so dependents should be updated and pushed together.

Rebuilt packages go to *staging.

Status of individual packages:

* python-jsonschema-spec: needs a new package python-jsonschema-path in [extra-staging]
* python-openapi-core: needs a new release with jsonschema-path compatibility [2]
* python-openapi-spec-validator: the latest version already moved to jsonschema-path [3]


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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Extra python-jsonschema-spec felixonmars Complete yan12125
any Extra python-openapi-core 0.19.0-3 arojas Complete yan12125
any Extra python-openapi-spec-validator 0.7.1-1 yan12125 Complete yan12125