Rebuild Todo List Packages with missing libidn dependency

2018-09-19 - Antonio Rojas

Since systemd no longer pulls libidn, some packages that depend on it no longer have it in their dependency tree and need to be fixed

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra ghostscript 9.55.0-2 andyrtr Complete andyrtr
x86_64 Extra gmime3 3.2.7-1 jgc Complete arojas
x86_64 Extra kopete 21.08.2-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community neomutt 20211015-1 maximbaz, freswa Complete jelle
x86_64 Community psi 1.5-1 spupykin Complete arojas
x86_64 Community psi-nowebengine 1.5-1 spupykin Complete arojas
x86_64 Extra vlc 3.0.16-3 anthraxx, dvzrv Complete anthraxx