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2019-01-01 - Eli Schwartz

Many packages which use the setup_requires keyword can download their dependencies from PyPI during the build stage; this should never be happening as dependencies should be properly specified in makedepends.

Common things to look for:
- requirement for pbr.
- requirement for setuptools_scm. makedepends can be switched from python-setuptools to python-setuptools-scm
- requirement for pytest-runner. In this case, python-pytest-runner must be specified in makedepends, not checkdepends

Packages were discovered due to archlinux32 or reproducible builds failures when building without network connectivity.

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any Extra python-astroid polyzen, alerque Complete jelle
any Extra python-pylint alerque Complete jelle
any Extra python-wstools 0.4.10-8 felixonmars Complete jelle
any Extra python2-pylint Complete jelle