Rebuild Todo List lzo2->lzo rename

2014-07-31 - Anatol Pomozov

'lzo2' package was renamed to more correct Arch name 'lzo'.

Please update your PKGBUILD and change the dependency name to 'lzo'. The actual rebuild can be postponed, there is no hard deadline for it.

No need to push packages to [staging], push it directly to [testing] and then [stable]. This is just dependency name change. lzo2 and lzo are ABI compatible.

On a related note - some packages use version restriction for lzo dependency (e.g. lzo>2.06). The restriction can be dropped. lzo 2.08 has been in the repo for a long time and I doubt it will be downgraded.

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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any Extra archboot Complete anatolik
x86_64 Core btrfs-progs 6.9-1 tpowa, seblu Complete seblu
x86_64 Extra cairo 1.18.0-2 heftig, lcarlier Complete andyrtr
x86_64 Extra fsarchiver 0.8.7-1 jelle Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra lzop 1.04-3 anthraxx Complete anatolik
x86_64 Extra mkvtoolnix-cli 84.0-1 alucryd Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Core openvpn eworm Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra transcode Complete felixonmars