Rebuild Todo List libprocps (procps-ng 4.x) rebuild

2023-06-13 - Christian Hesse

The major release of procps-ng 4.x comes with breaking changes. We have the library with compatible API in the new package 'libprocps'. Please rebuild against either of both (probably the latter) and push to staging.

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra apitrace 11.1-2 lcarlier Complete eworm
x86_64 Extra deepin-topbar Complete arojas
x86_64 Extra intel-gpu-tools 1.27-2 jelle Complete eworm
x86_64 Extra lxqt-session 1.4.0-1 yan12125 Complete eworm
x86_64 Core procps-ng 4.0.4-3 anthraxx, eworm Complete eworm
x86_64 Extra xtrabackup 8.0.35_30-2 mtorromeo Complete mtorromeo