Rebuild Todo List libnm-glib removal

2019-07-29 - Jan Alexander Steffens

NetworkManager 1.20 is going to be released soon-ish (RC in [testing]) and will drop the deprecated libnm-glib library.

Sogrep does not report any links, but we have some dependencies remaining. Please determine which actions we need to take.

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Community firewalld 1.0.1-1 alucryd Complete alucryd
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libnm-glib alucryd Complete alucryd
x86_64 Multilib steam-native-runtime alucryd, anthraxx Complete alucryd
x86_64 Community strongswan 5.9.3-1 shibumi Complete shibumi