Rebuild Todo List gnome-keyring dependency replacement with org.freedesktop.secrets

2019-12-01 - Bruno Pagani

Following keepassxc 2.5.0 release, we now have two implementations of org.freedesktop.secrets.

We decided in to have both packages provide this virtual name, and now every package depending on this keyring should be switched to this dep.

I’ve listed all packages currently depending on gnome-keyring, it might happen that some packages are depending on it for reasons other than org.freedesktop.secrets service, if so just let me know and mark them as done.

Package can go directly into the repo, [staging] is not necessary.

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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16 packages displayed out of 16 total packages.
Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra chromium 111.0.5563.110-1 foutrelis, felixonmars Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Community deepin-daemon felixonmars, FFY00 Complete FFY00
x86_64 Community deja-dup 44.1-1 bgyorgy Complete bgyorgy
x86_64 Community feedreader Complete bgyorgy
x86_64 Community fractal 4.4.0-3 Archange Complete Archange
any Community gajim 1.7.1-2 anthraxx Complete anthraxx
x86_64 Community geary 1:43.0-1 alucryd Complete alucryd
x86_64 Extra git 2.40.0-1 eworm Complete eworm
x86_64 Extra libgnome-keyring 3.12.0+13+g4f8ab73-3 Complete heftig
x86_64 Core libsecret 0.20.5-2 heftig Complete heftig
any Community mailnag 2.2.0-5 bgyorgy Complete bgyorgy
x86_64 Community mate-session-manager 1.26.0-1 alex19EP Complete bgyorgy
any Community python-secretstorage 3.3.3-1 felixonmars, FFY00 Complete FFY00
x86_64 Extra seahorse 1:43.0-1 heftig Complete heftig
any Community sugar 0.119-1 bgyorgy Complete bgyorgy
x86_64 Extra xfce4-session 4.18.1-2 foutrelis Complete foutrelis