Rebuild Todo List Fix 'ttf-font' default font setup

2019-07-11 - Jan Alexander Steffens

The 'ttf-font' provides is meant to install a package that provides a
base font set. For this purpose, the fonts must:

1. be outline fonts (not necessarily TrueType),
2. cover at least Latin1, and
3. have at least three families, one each an alias of:
- sans-serif
- serif
- monospace

as determined by fontconfig.

Please verify that your packages obey these rules and fix them if necessary.

- Some families are covered by upstream config in fontconfig. These include:
- Bitstream Vera (60-latin.conf)
- DejaVu (60-latin.conf)
- Luxi (60-latin.conf)
- Free (69-unifont.conf)
- Nimbus / URW (30-metric-aliases.conf)
- TeX Gyre (30-metric-aliases.conf)
- Liberation (30-metric-aliases.conf)
- CrOS core (not Caladea or Carlito; 30-metric-aliases.conf)
- Old Microsoft fonts (60-latin.conf)
- Postscript fonts (60-latin.conf)
If your package ships superfluous alias config, you should remove it.

- If your package already ships alias config but does not enable it by
default, install the symlinks from conf.d to conf.avail required to do so.

- If your package has no fontconfig config, take a look at the config in the
gnu-free-fonts package as a guideline of how it needs to look.

- If your package cannot satisfy the rules, remove the 'ttf-font' provides.

Please also take this opportunity to move font files from generic dirs like
/usr/share/fonts/TTF to per-package dirs like /usr/share/fonts/$pkgname . This
interacts better with fontconfig's cache, which has to rescan an entire dir
whenever its contents change.

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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