Rebuild Todo List Do not use $startdir

2013-02-02 - Allan McRae

Always use $srcdir and $pkgdir and not rely on the relationship to $startdir. These are wrong when BUILDDIR is set and with pacman-4.1, $pkgdir will not be the same as $startdir/pkg.

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Community arm-wince-cegcc-profile Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community echat Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra facile 1.1.4-2 tpowa Complete eric
x86_64 Community fbgrab kkeen Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community fldiff Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community floyd Complete spupykin
any Community hacburn Complete jlichtblau
x86_64 Community hacburn Complete andrea
x86_64 Core libksba 1.6.2-1 tpowa Complete allan
x86_64 Community librcc Complete spupykin
any Extra mkisolinux Complete eric
any Extra mkpxelinux Complete eric
any Extra mksyslinux Complete eric
x86_64 Extra mod_mono Complete allan
x86_64 Extra mono-basic Complete allan
x86_64 Extra mono-tools 4.2-2 anthraxx Complete eric
any Extra ndesk-dbus Complete eric
x86_64 Extra rarian Complete jgc
x86_64 Extra sbcl 2.2.11-1 juergen Complete eric
x86_64 Extra speex 1.2.1-1 heftig Complete heftig
x86_64 Extra taglib-sharp Complete allan
x86_64 Community unifdef 2.12-2 spupykin Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra usermin Complete eric
x86_64 Extra webmin Complete eric
x86_64 Community xmms-imms Complete spupykin