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2023-10-11 - kpcyrd

The latest[1] version of cargo-c has changed how the SOVER is derived from a library's Cargo.toml.

In case of `0.6.1` it used to generate `.so.0` but does now generate `.so.0.6`. Before this, a dynamic linker could not tell `0.6.0` and `0.7.0` apart.

When updating cargo-c, this means a rebuild of a cargo-c dependee is going to be a sover bump, and the packages depending on it need to be rebuilt as well.

Since this is counter-intuitive for rebuilds with no pkgver= changes/identical source code, we could consider uploading cargo-c to extra-staging and then rebuild all relevant cargo-c dependees and their dependees.

Packages that are unaffected (that don't contain a `.so.0` file, because they are >= 1.0.0) are not included in this todo.


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x86_64 Extra ffmpeg 2:6.1-2 alucryd Complete kpcyrd
x86_64 Extra ffmpeg4.4 4.4.4-3 alucryd Complete kpcyrd
x86_64 Extra libavif 1.0.3-1 arojas, Archange Complete kpcyrd
x86_64 Extra libheif 1.17.5-2 arojas, eworm Complete kpcyrd
x86_64 Extra rav1e 0.6.6-3 alucryd Complete kpcyrd