X.Org 7.1 moved to current

After having X.Org 7.1 in testing with a minimum amount of bugs, X.Org 7.1 moves to current. Things that have been fixed before we moved it to testing: - mesa updated to 6.5rc2 instead of 6.5rc1, should fix some locking issues with some drivers - quite some AIGLX fixes, should fix render bugs, slowdowns or even lockups - XKB fixes, now works fine with latest xkeyboard-config - Mode selection using CTRL+ALT+plus/minus hotkeys works again - PCI scan fixup, should speedup initialization and remove quite some warnings from Xorg.log

As this is one of those big moves again (my guess is that something between 100 and 200 packages moved this time), many repositories will have problems catching up current, extra and testing at the same time, leaving you with this message:

<package X> appears to be newer than repo (current/<package X someversion>) :: Above packages will be skipped. To manually upgrade use 'pacman -S <pkg>' error: unresolvable dependencies: subversion: requires apr-util>=1.2.7-2 apache: requires apr-util>=1.2.7-2

If this happens to you, just wait until your mirror gets the latest packages, or switch to a mirror that has the packages ready.