X.org 7.0 hits testing, please read before upgrading

Today X.org 7.0RC4 will hit testing. This new release will bring us modularization, which means you don't have to install each and every driver, every font or every application. Another big change in X.org 7.0 is the location. During the 6.x releases, X.org and Xfree86 have lived in /usr/X11R6. Starting from X.org 7.0, it will continue the rest of its life in /usr. This brings some problems with it:

  • Old packages expect X.org in /usr/X11R6
  • Configuration files (/etc/X11/xorg.conf) need updating

Besides updating configurations, other modifications need attention too: - Drivers are modular, install the drivers you need, failing to do so will render X useless - OpenGL is provided by mesa, which depends on a virtual package called libgl. This virtual package is provided by libgl-dri, libgl-mesa or either a binary driver that provides libGL.so. Upgrading to the latest X.org or installing from scratch could install an unwanted version library, please check this before filing bugs about lost OpenGL acceleration.

The default fontpath used in X.org is /usr/share/fonts now, instead of the common used /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts or /usr/lib/X11/fonts.

To make upgrading as easy as possible, a dummy xorg package will be provided, which depends on at least every library, every driver and the basic font requirements.