Wiki Migration

At long last, I believe the great wiki migration can begin. :)

I have been pulling the Wiki pages from the Arch Wiki:

I processed the resultant files (a bunch of sed), then started sifting the results.

I first chopped out the files that had less than 4 lines, then took out as many of the phpwiki specific pages that I could find (the ones for administration, page listing, etc). Next I visually went through and removed as many user pages as I could find. Those will have to be recreated by their respective users.

I took out some pure listing pages that I found...pages like "servers". which only listed all the pages in that category. This will be handled with more "real" categories in the new wiki.

So..after all that..We are left with approx 280 pages. Of which, I am sure there are some of the above that I missed (ie a few user pages, maybe some php wiki pages, etc.).

I am hoping to start an Arch Wiki-Thon next weekend. This week, I will be breaking the pages into chunks of 10 pages. When someone asks to help, they will recieve a chunk. Only when they are done will the chunk be marked as "done". Then the user may request another chunk. If a chunk is partially finished, please notify me of its progress...etc.. I believe this is outlined in the migration-howto I posted earlier. For those that missed it:

So..This saturday. If you can help, then please do. It is not brain surgery, but it is very important to the community. This posting will be reproduced on the forum. Information will be provided as to the url of the new wiki to the volunteers, and to the general list this saturday.

I would like to hijack the #archlinux-aur channel for meeting and discussing migration this coming Saturday, as it is usually a pretty slow channel unless we are having a meeting. :)

Plan for Saturday at 16:30 GMT/UCT in #archlinux-aur, or any time after that.

So..until saturday..Get ready..