Warning: Upcoming dbus upgrade will kill outdated gnome sessions

We're planning to upgrade dbus to 1.0.x in a short while. The new configuration files used by dbus 1.0.x is incompatible with the version in our repositories, which causes dbus to crash as soon as it tries to reload the configuration.

Due to a bug in gnome-session and the XFCE Terminal program, these programs will crash together with dbus. This bug has been fixed on Januari 23 in both gnome-session and Terminal.

When upgrading your system to dbus 1.0.x from either XFCE Terminal or Gnome with the affected packages dated before Januari 23rd, be warned that you will lose all unsaved work affected by these crashes (gnome-session drops to the console and hard-quits all your active programs, Terminal only kills all active Terminal sessions). A solution is to upgrade from outside of these programs, or, to upgrade to the latest versions of these packages, restarting these programs and then upgrade dbus.