Wanted: extra gnome maintainer

The GNOME team (At this moment Arjan and I) are looking for another person who can do GNOME package management. As I am working on GStreamer, Xorg, mozilla-* and GNOME now, I would like to slim down this package set to Xorg, GStreamer and the gnome platform libs. The complete GNOME desktop that remains is too much for one person to do, so we need another maintainer for that.

What we're looking for is a maintainer who: - can spend 2-5 hours a week on archlinux - knows how to build gnome related packages - has good knowledge of English or Dutch language

Other things useful for a maintainer: - knowledge of programming - innovative

Users interested in a job as maintainer can contact us at jgc@archlinux.org or arjan@archlinux.org.